Skipping breakfast? Beware of the following 5 risks!

Starting the day with breakfast is routine for most people, but not a few are somehow due to their busy schedule, to the point of forgetting that they never even had breakfast in the morning.

In fact, breakfast is healthy, besides being able to make the body more fit and energized to carry out activities until noon, breakfast is also important for our health.

If you are one of those people who rarely eat breakfast or maybe never eat breakfast, please be careful because the following 5 risks can lure you. Anything?

1. Causes heart disease

Famous university in the UK, Harvard University conducts research on breakfast. The results of these studies indicate the fact that 27 percent of men who skip breakfast are at risk of developing heart disease.

This is because the body’s metabolism is forced to work hard without proper intake. As a result, plaque appears on the arteries which causes the heart to pump blood not optimally.

2. Weight gain

The results showed that people who skip breakfast tend to eat more during the day, or fill their stomachs with snacks that aren’t necessarily healthy.

This habit can make us gain weight quickly. In fact, breakfast itself can actually make us control the portion of food during the day or during activities.

3. Difficult to concentrate

In a study that analyzed school students, it was found that children who regularly ate breakfast tended to have better learning abilities than those who didn’t.

This is because at breakfast, the brain gets adequate nutrition, so we can think more clearly, than when the stomach is not filled.

4. Destructive Mood

Starting an activity with an unfilled stomach not only makes it difficult for us to think clearly, it can also bring negative energy and ruin the mood.

People who skip breakfast tend to be easily provoked by emotions, this is due to the increase in the hormone serotonin which triggers stress.

5. Migraine

Skipping breakfast can lead to a significant drop in blood sugar. This affects the release of hormones that can trigger headaches such as migraines.

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