Smart in adapting his game, Messi can play until 2025

Lionel Messi is indeed aging, he is 33 years old, but it cannot be denied the fact that his performance is still very reliable Barcelona. In fact, Luis Garcia believes Messi can still play until 2025.

Over the past week or so, speculation about the future of Lionel Messi in Barcelona is in the spotlight. It is said that La Pulga may be reluctant to extend his contract at Camp Nou, which currently remains until 2021.

Reportedly, the Argentine player was fed up with the current club leadership. It must be admitted, Barcelona seemed exposed by a number of internal issues. In fact, Messi also had a conflict with the club’s sporting director, Eric Abidal.

Of course Messi’s departure will ultimately be unfortunate for Barcelona fans, given his performance is still very reliable at the club. This can be seen from his contribution since the beginning of the season, where Messi seems to still carry the burden of the team.

Despite all that speculation, Luis Garcia as a former Barcelona player claimed to be impressed by the fact that Messi can still look good at his age now. He even believes that La Pulga can still look good for the next five years.

According to Garcia, Messi is a player who is good at adapting. This can be seen from the changes in the Captain’s game from year to year. If previously it seemed ambitious to score, now Messi is different, more often controlling and designing team attacks.

“Why didn’t Messi play until 2025? Look at the way he plays, his ability to adapt to impressive games.”

“Every year he shows something new to us, but he keeps the same score and assists. Even more every year,” Garcia told La Liga.

In other words, Messi now feels he can no longer move quickly to help the attack line. He was more silent, waiting for the ball to come and drain it well.

“He adapted, now he doesn’t spend much time in attack, because he knows it’s harder for him now, so he backs off more,”

“He showed that he was very smart. He can adjust his game to the needs of the team in each match. I can imagine him playing until 2015, easy!” he concluded.

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