Soccer Prediction for 1 September 2019 – Den Haag Vs Venlo

Dutch Eredivisie Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Den Haag vs Venlo, which will take place on Sunday, 1 September 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at the Cars Jeans Stadium.

Week 5 of Dutch Eredivisie is a very crucial week for both teams, as they have to gain victory in order, to maintain their best standings and are still in the hunt for the title.

The opportunity to become champions is still very open, where they will not let each other overtake. For now, Den Haag is ranked 14th with 3 points, while Venlo is 9th with 6 points.

The achievement gives a clue that Venlo is still better and ready than Den Haag. Apart from all the analysis, our prediction team is based on the current mix of results. Where Den Haag as the home team deserves to win.

Asian Handicap Market – Den Haag vs Venlo:
Den Haag 0: 1/2 Venlo

Score Prediction – Den Haag vs Venlo:
Den Haag 2-1 Venlo

Despite having a poor record in the record of the two teams meeting, the current situation has put them under pressure, and that pressure will force Den Haag to play better. Moreover, playing at home will make it easier for them to press Venlo.

A thin score of 2-1 is considered appropriate, as Venlo will also be able to provide resistance, but in the end, the luck factor is the end of today’s score prediction.

Head To Head Matches – Den Haag Vs Venlo:
[20.01.19] Den Haag 2-4 Venlo
[21.10.18] Venlo 2-0 Den Haag
[21.01.18] Den Haag 1-1 Venlo
[22.10.17] Venlo 0-2 Den Haag
[28.04.13] Den Haag 1-1 Venlo

Den Haag’s Last 5 Matches:
[25.08.19] Waalwijk 0-3 Den Haag
[17.08.19] Den Haag 1-2 Sparta Rotterdam
[12.08.19] PSV 3-1 Den Haag
[04.08.19] Den Haag 2-4 Utrecht
[27.07.19] Den Haag 1-1 Leuven

Venlo’s Last 5 Matches:
[25.08.19] Utrecht 1-2 Venlo
[17.08.19] Venlo 1-4 Ajax
[10.08.19] Sparta Rotterdam 4-1 Venlo
[04.08.19] Venlo 3-1 Waalwijk
[27.07.19] Venlo 0-1 Panathinaikos

Team Players:
Den Haag: Indy Groothuizen, Giovanni Troupee, Tom Beugelsdijk, Wilfried Kanon, Aaron Meijers, Lex Immers, Danny Bakker, Nasser El Khayati, Sheraldo Becker, Erik Falkenburg, Melvyn Lorenzen.
Venlo: Lars Unnerstall, Roel Janssen, Jerold Promes, Nils Roseler, Moreno Rutten, Tino Susic, Ralf Seuntjens, Danny Post, Patrick Joosten, Peniel Kokou Mlapa, Jonathan Opoku.

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