Soccer Prediction for 11 June 2019 – Ukraine vs Luxembourg

Euro 2020 Qualifying Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Ukraine vs Luxembourg, which will take place on Tuesday, 11 June 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at the Lviv Arena Stadium.

Euro 2020 Group B qualifiers still show Luxembourg as the runner-up in the standings with 3 points, while Ukraine are at the top with 4 points from the two matches that have been played.

At present, the conditions of both teams are equally good, where their mainstay players are back home after undergoing the dense season of the European Leagues. Speaking of statistics, Ukraine are superior to Luxembourg. Because they always win in the last four meetings, and that means the game of Luxembourg has not been able to match the Ukrainian game.

Now the situation is tough for Luxembourg, where they will play as visitor, which is famously haunted for any team. This status provides an answer to the reason the market dared to issue a big handicap to Luxembourg.

Asian Handicap Market – Ukraine vs Luxembourg:
Ukraine 0: 1/2 Luxembourg

Score Prediction – Ukraine vs Luxembourg:
Ukraine 1-0 Luxembourg

It can be seen that the market shows that Ukraine’s strength is bigger than Luxembourg. In terms of players to the power of tactics, Ukraine are still superior and the situation is increasingly difficult for Luxembourg, because they are a visitor.

Till now there has been no positive signal that Luxembourg will be able to keep up with the Ukraine’s game. Amid the conditions of these two teams having to get points in order to maintain the chance of qualifying for the Euro 2020 finals, it is certain that the hosts will play insistently on target of a victory.

On that basis, that’s why Ukraine deserve to win and Luxembourg will be more depressed by the attack launched by the host. The current score market is considered very feasible, because Ukraine’s attack will be more dangerous than before.

Head to Head Matches – Ukraine vs Luxembourg:
[03/26/19] Luxembourg 1 – 2 Ukraine
[06/6/15] Ukraine 3 – 0 Luxembourg
[11/16/14] Luxembourg 0 – 3 Ukraine
[06/06/06] Luxembourg 0 – 3 Ukraine

Ukraine’s Last 5 Matches:
[17/10/18] Ukraine 1 – 0 Czech Republic
[11/17/18] Slovakia 4-1 Ukraine
[11/21/18] Turkey 0 – 0 Ukraine
[23/03/19] Portugal 0 – 0 Ukraine
[03/26/19] Luxembourg 1 – 2 Ukraine

Luxembourg’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/16/18] Luxembourg 3 – 0 San Marino
[11/16/18] Luxembourg 0 – 2 Belarus
[11/19/18] Moldova 1 – 1 Luxembourg
[23/03/19] Luxembourg 2 – 1 Lithuania
[03/26/19] Luxembourg 1 – 2 Ukraine

Team Players:
Ukraine: Pyatov – Butko – Burda – Matviyenko – Mykolenko – Konoplyanka – Bezus – Malinovskiy – Zinchenko – Tsygankov – Junior Moraes.
Luxembourg: Moris – Malget – Chanot – Jans – Carlson – Martins Pereira – Thill – Thill – Barreiro – Turpel – Rodrigues.

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