Soccer Prediction for 11 September 2019 – PSM Makassar vs PSIS Semarang

Shopee Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a super-hot match between PSM Makassar vs PSIS Semarang, which will be live broadcasted by Indosiar, on Wednesday, 11 September 2019, at the Andi Mattalata Stadium.

Round 18 of the 2019-2020 Shopee Liga 1 is ready to present a super-hot match where the difference in position is very visible, these two teams have a very striking level of difference as PSM is now ranked 3 with 30 points.

While PSIS Semarang was ranked 13th with 16 points as they experienced a lot of bad experiences. Playing both away and home games does not make PSIS Semarang develop, it looks all of it is inversely proportional and even more defeat.

It is in this condition that PSM will try to use it to suppress PSIS Semarang, while the emphasis will be resisted by the guest camp, to get out of the comfort zone and be ready to fight to the bitter end.

Asian Handicap Market – PSM Makassar vs PSIS Semarang:
PSM Makassar 0: 1 PSIS Semarang

Score Prediction – PSM Makassar vs PSIS Semarang:
Makassar PSM 2-0 PSIS Semarang

The victory was very meaningful for PSIS Semarang, because their position was similar to the red zone of degradation. This situation clearly adds a burden for PSIS Semarang to be able to play freelance, and this emphasis is the right reason that PSM will play better.

In front of the public itself, PSM is a strong team, and proven they came out as the 2019 Presidential Cup Champion. Despite the potential PSIS Semarang won, still a big name and a more favorable situation PSM will close this match with a score of 2-0 for the host.

Head To Head – PSM Makassar vs PSIS Semarang:
[16.03.19] PSIS Semarang 1-0 PSM Makassar
[30.07.18] PSIS Semarang 1-1 PSM Makassar
[25.03.18] PSM Makassar 2-0 PSIS Semarang

PSM Makassar’s Last 5 Matches:
[01.09.19] PSM Makassar 2-1 Persela Lamongan
[28.08.19] Persija Jakarta 0-0 PSM Makassar
[23.08.19] PSS Sleman 3-2 PSM Makassar
[18.08.19] PSM Makassar 3-1 Persib Bandung
[14.08.19] PSM Makassar 2-1 Barito Putera

5 Pertandingan Terakhir PSIS Semarang:
[31.08.19] Arema FC 1-1 PSIS Semarang
[24.08.19] Madura United 3-0 PSIS Semarang
[20.08.19] Bhayangkara Utd 0-0 PSIS Semarang
[16.08.19] Semen Padang 1-0 PSIS Semarang
[06.08.19] PSIS Semarang 1-3 Persipura Jayapura

Team Players:
PSM Makassar: Rivki Mokodompit, Benny Wahyudi, Abdul Rahman, Munhar, Taufik Hidayat, Marc Klok, Rizky Pellu, Wiljan Pluim, Muhammad Arfan, Muhammad Rahmat, Eero Markkanen.
PSIS Semarang: Jandia Putra, Ganjar Mukti, Fauzan Fajri Nasrullah, Wallace, Soni Setiawan, Heru Setyawan, Ibrahim Conteh, Septian David, Bayu Nugroho, Claudir, Hari Nur Yulianto.

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