Soccer Prediction for 12 June 2019 – Russia vs Cyprus

Euro 2020 Qualifying Betting Score Prediction this week presents a super match between Russia vs Cyprus, which will be held on Wednesday, 12 June 2019 at 10:45 WIB, at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.

Euro 2020 Group I qualifications actually present a fairly tight competition, it can be seen now that two teams that will compete are teams that have the same points record of 3 points. This achievement is obtained from two matches that have been undertaken and that means both Cyprus and Russia have the same fate.

In the meantime, Cyprus are better where they are ranked 2nd with 3 points. Whereas Russia are ranked 3rd with the same achievement, it’s just that they lost to the Cyprus’ goal record.

When referring to existing statistics, Russia are at the top in predicting to win over Cyprus. Based on the last three meetings, Russia have always won over Cyprus, even the score of their victory is almost in big scores, it means Cyprus are always battered.

Now the situation and conditions are a bit different, but many bookies believe that the changes shown by Cyprus will not be effective in Russia’s famous cage, through its public support which always packed the stadium.

Asian Handicap Market – Russia vs Cyprus:
Russia 0: 1 Cyprus

Score Prediction – Russia vs Cyprus:
Russia 2-0 Cyprus

Russia deserve to be seeded, where the bookies dare to issue a handicap to Cyprus. That means Russia are predicted to be able to score more than one goal, and will act as the host with a higher level, then the score of 2-0 is very feasible for Russia.

The experience of playing on the stage of the 2018 World Cup and acting as a host must have educated them to become a more mature team. Obviously, Russia were able to compete up to the last 16, although it was finally eliminated through the event on penalties.

Against Russia, which acts as a host, Russia should be recognized as a tough opponent. The reason is that Russia is a strong team in front of its own public, and the improvement shown by Cyprus has not been entirely perfect, because in their last two matches they were against a team below Russia’s level.

The analysis above is the basis of why our prediction team is so brave as to say that Russia will win, and this is also the basis of the results of the winning percentage that many parties issued that Russia are superior to everything from Cyprus.

Head to Head Matches – Russia vs Cyprus:
[12/02/03] Cyprus 0 – 1 Russia
[29/03/97] Cyprus 1 – 1 Russia
[01/09/96] Russia 4 – 0 Cyprus

Russia’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/14/18] Russia 2 – 0 Turkey
[11/16/18] Germany 3 – 0 Russia
[11/21/18] Sweden 2-0 Russia
[3/22/19] Belgium 3 – 1 Russia
[24/03/19] 0 – 4 Russian Kazakhstan

Cyprus’ Last 5 Matches:
[10/17/18] Slovenia 1 – 1 Cyprus
[11/17/18] Cyprus 1 – 1 Bulgaria
[11/18/18] Cyprus 0 – 2 Norway
[03/22/19] Cyprus 5 – 0 San Marino
[03-25/19] Cyprus 0-2 Belgium

Team Players:
Russia: Guilherme – Kudryashov – Semenov – Fernandes – Dzhikiya – Ionov – Gazinskiy – Ozdoev – Cheryshev – Akhmetov – Dzyuba.
Cyprus: Pardo – Merkis – Dossa Junior – Laifis – Ioannou – Kousoulos – Efrem – Margaca – Artymatas – Papoulis – Antoniou.

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