Soccer Prediction for 14 September 2019 – Amiens vs Lyon

French Ligue 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a super-hot match between Amiens vs Lyon, which will be live broadcasted by beIN Sport, on Saturday, 14 September 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at the Stade de la Licorne.

Lyon has the opportunity to add 3 points in the fifth week of the French Ligue 1 this season, it can be seen how the situation supports them, as the opponent this time is Amiens who is ranked 18 teams. While Lyon itself is ranked fifth with 7 points, or 4 points ahead of Amiens.

Based on available statistics, it can be clearly seen that excellence deserves to be held by Lyon, considering that this time they are a team that has a great chance of fighting for the title and what has been seen now allows Lyon to win in large scores.

The situation was so supportive of both teams to play aggressively as they had just had a week’s holiday thanks to yesterday’s international break. In other words, both teams are ready to play attack with tactics that are normally played.

Asian Handicap Market – Amiens vs Lyon:
Amiens 1/2: 0 Lyon

Score Prediction – Amiens vs Lyon:
Amiens 1-2 Lyon

Seeing the predictions that came out today, it is highly recommended for players to keep the ball top, as quality and level are very different, and Lyon itself is so showing their courage in carrying out attacks.

In other words, Lyon with its attacking style will be able to drown Amiens with the limitations of the player, who can already be guessed by their playing character.

Head To Head – Amiens vs Lyon:
[27.01.19] Amiens 0-1 Lyon
[25.01.19] Amiens 0-2 Lyon
[20.12.18] Amiens 2-3 Lyon
[12.08.18] Lyon 2-0 Amiens
[14.04.18] Lyon 3-0 Amiens

Amiens’ Last 5 Matches:
[01.09.19] Toulouse 2-0 Amiens
[25.08.19] Amiens 1-2 Nantes
[18.08.19] Amiens 1-0 Lille
[11.08.19] Nice 2-1 Amiens
[04.08.19] Amiens 0-1 Leganes

Lyon’s Last 5 Matches:
[31.08.19] Lyon 1-1 Bordeaux
[28.08.19] Montpellier 1-0 Lyon
[17.08.19] Lyon 6-0 Angers
[10.08.19] Monaco 0-3 Lyon
[03.08.19] Bournemouth 3-0 Lyon

Team Players:
Amiens: Regis Gurtner, Bakaye Dibassy, Jordan Lefort, Prince-Desir Gouano, Emil Krafth, John Mendoza, Thomas Monconduit, Alexis Blin, Juan Otero, Mathieu Bodmer, Cheick Timite.
Lyon: Lopes, Dubois, Denayer, Andersen, Tete, Aouar, Mendes, Reine-Adelaide, Terrier, Depay, Cornet.

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