Soccer Prediction for 15 June 2019 – Brazil vs Bolivia

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction today presents a super match between Brazil vs Bolivia, which will be live broadcasted by RCTI, on Saturday, 15 June 2019 at 07:30 WIB, at Morumbi Stadium.

The 2019 Copa America has been officially held and all big teams are ready to show their identity again as the world’s second largest ruler of the continent. Now the opening match of Group A is Brail vs Bolivia, where the seeded host won a big victory based on statistics and a growing percentage now.

It can be seen that Brazil’s strength is increasingly frightening, the contents of their squad are mentally minded champions, who have successfully raised the big names of defended clubs. Just mention there are Neymar, Coutinho, Firmino and Willian. These four players are a small part of the greatness of Brazil in today’s football world.

It can be said that the present of Brazil now is a gold generation that is ready to show off on its own continent, and this status is clearly a serious threat to Bolivia, who still consider as a lower team in America. It can be mentioned that Bolivia’s level hasn’t reached the Brazil’s.

Asian Handicap Market – Brazil vs Bolivia:
Brazil 0: 1 1/2 Bolivia

Score Prediction – Brazil vs Bolivia:
Brazil 3-0 Bolivia

The analysis above can provide an answer to why the bookie dared to issue a large handicap to Bolivia. This is clearly seen that the differences between these two teams are so striking, it is evident from their last five meetings that Brazil still excel with three wins, one defeat and two draws.

These statistics also show that Brazil deserve to win and this prediction clearly buried Bolivia’s dream of being able to look at the last 16. As for now, Brazil is targeting to become the 2019 Copa America champion, after the previous season failed, now Neymar is ready to show off with a winning mentality.

Playing at home will further increase Brazil’s winning percentage over Bolivia. 70:30 is the winning percentage in the score prediction this time, and that means that a landslide score of 3-0 will be very worth pinning to Brazil.

Head to Head Matches – Brazil vs Bolivia:
[11/08/08] Brazil 0 – 0 Bolivia
[12/10/09] Bolivia 2 – 1 Brazil
[04/04/13] Bolivia 0 – 4 Brazil
[10-10-16] Brazil 5 – 0 Bolivia
[06/10/17] Bolivia 0 – 0 Brazil

Brazil’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/17/18] Argentina 0-1 Brazil
[11/17/18] Brazil 1 – 0 Uruguay
[11/21/18] Brazil 1 – 0 Cameroon
[24/03/19] Brazil 1 – 1 Panama
[3/27/19] Czech Republic 1 – 3 Brazil

Bolivia’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/16/18] Iran 2 – 1 Bolivia
[11/16/18] UAE 0 – 0 Bolivia
[11/18/18] Iraq 0 – 0 Bolivia
[04/03/19] Bolivia 2 – 2 Nicaragua
[3/19/19] Republic of Korea 1- 0 Bolivia

Team Players:
Brazil: Alisson – Joao Miranda – Filipe Luis – Danilo – Marquinhos – Renato Augusto – Douglas Costa – Arthur – Countinho – Neymar – Roberto Firmino.
Bolivia: G. Vizcarra – J. Valverde – Jose Sagredo – E. Saavedra – L. Haquin – R. Cardozo – L. Justiniano – D. Wayar – O. Ribera – H. Vaca – G. Alvarez.

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