Soccer Prediction for 15 May 2019 – PSS Sleman vs FC Arema

Indonesian League 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a hot match between PSS Sleman vs FC Arema, which will be held on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 at 20:30 WIB, at Maguwoharjo Stadium.

Indonesian League 1 has officially opened this week, and in the first match there was a battle from one city of East Java, namely, PSS Sleman vs Arema FC. If we read the statistics, then Arema deserve to be favored because they won the experience and material of their players now.

This season is the inaugural season for PSS Sleman, seeing their current preparation, then PSS Sleman are predicted to be able to provide resistance and usually in this first match each team will try to adapt first in the formation of a new squad.

No different from PSS Sleman, FC Arema’s squad also sprang new faces and certainty that gave an answer that this match will run a little slow, because the two teams will try to adjust the cohesiveness between players and it will certainly run hard.

Asian Handicap Market – PSS Sleman vs FC Arema:
PSS Sleman 1/4: 0 Arema FC

Score Prediction – PSS Sleman vs FC Arema:
PSS Sleman 1-1 Arema FC

Referring to the analysis and seeing the statistics issued by the bookie, it can be said that Arema are more superior to PSS Sleman. Although they’re superior, but the host is not a careless team and easily defeated when playing at home.

Evidently, in their last few matches, PSS Sleman were able to complicate Borneo even though in their last match they had to lose to Persija. But overall their game has developed, and for this match they are claimed to be ready for combat.

For this match, our prediction team judges that it will run a little bland, where both teams will learn and read each other’s strengths. And the appropriate score for today’s match is a 1-0 score for PSS Sleman’s victory, where they look more prepared than Arema, which are claimed to come with limited stock of players.

Head to Head Matches – PSS Sleman vs FC Arema:
Never met before

PSS Sleman’s Last 5 Matches:
15.03.19 PSS Sleman 0 – 2 Persija Jakarta
08.03.19 Pusamania Borneo 0 – 2 PSS Sleman
05.03.19 PSS Sleman 0 – 2 Madura United
20.02.19 PSS Sleman 0 – 0 Pusamania Borneo
15.02.19 Pusamania Borneo 1 – 0 PSS Sleman

FC Arema’s Last 5 Matches:
12.04.19 Arema FC 2 – 0 Persebaya
09.04.19 Persebaya 2 – 2 Arema FC
05.04.19 Kalteng Putra 0 – 3 Arema FC
02.04.19 Arema FC 3 – 0 Kalteng Putra
30.03.19 Bhayangkara Utd 0 – 4 Arema FC

Team Players:
PSS Sleman: Ega Rizky Pramana, Bagus Nirwanto, Alfonso de la Cruz, Jajang Sukmara, Sidik Saimima, Nerius Alom, Brian Ferreira, Irkham Zahrul Milla, Kushedya Hari Yudo, Rangga Muslim.
Arema FC: Kurniawan Kartika Ajie, Arthur Cunha, Hamka Hamzah, Hanif Sjahbandi, Johan Alfarizi, Alfin Tuasalamony, Hendro Siswanto, Makan Konate; Dedik Setiawan, Dendy Santoso, Ricky Kayame.

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