Soccer Prediction for 15 October 2019 – Slovakia vs Paraguay

International Friendlies Betting Score Prediction today presents a super-hot match between Slovakia vs Paraguay, which will take place on Monday, 14 October 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at Narodny Futbalovy.

This time the International Pause gives a different picture, where countries from two different continents will show off. Slovakia from the European continent will try to try out the strength of the American continental football team, Paraguay.

Dissecting more deeply, the first meeting of the two new teams rolled out since the last time it happened in the 2010 season. We could say this meeting will show a lot of changes, including in terms of strength to the game mix of the two coaches.

Based on existing history, European soccer including Slovakia is able to master the course of the match when meeting a soccer team from America. But over time, the American soccer team always presents players competing on the European stage.

This means that these players know little about how to play European soccer teams including Slovakia, where most of the major leagues are filled by players from Latin America.

Asian Handicap Market – Slovakia Vs Paraguay:
Slovakia 0: 0 Paraguay

Score Prediction – Slovakia Vs Paraguay:
Slovakia 1-1 Paraguay

Referring to the current situation and market, then in the trial match more results in draw. But it is different when talking about how the preparation of the two teams, this season has always presented many failures and one of them is Slovakia, which until now has not been able to show a change.

The failure in the Euro 2020 qualification is proof that Slovakia is not really ready, and this obstacle is what Paraguay will try to exploit which is claimed to bring down its best squad, even though this match has a trial level.

On this basis, our prediction team is more favorable to Paraguay, who will win the game with a thin score of 1-0.

Head to Head – Slovakia Vs Paraguay:
[20/06/10] Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay

Slovakia’s Last 5 Matches:
[24/03/19] Wales 1 – 0 Slovakia
[08/06/19] Slovakia 5-1 Jordan
[11/06/19] Azerbaijan 1 – 5 Slovakia
[07/09/19] Slovakia 0 – 4 Croatia
[10/09/19] Hungary 1-2 Slovakia

Paraguay’s Last 5 Matches:
[20/06/19] Argentina 1 – 1 Paraguay
[24/06/19] Colombia 1 – 0 Paraguay
[28/06/19] Brazil 0 – 0 Paraguay
[05/09/19] Japan 2 – 0 Paraguay
[10/09/19] Jordan 2 – 4 Paraguay

Line-up Prediction:
Slovakia: Dubravka; Pekarik, Vavro, Skriniar, Hancko, Labotka, Hamsik, Kucka, Rusnack, Widower, Heraslin.
Paraguay: Fernandez; Arzamendia, Gomez, Alonso, Piris; Matias Rojas, Sanchez, Rodrigo Rojas, Gonzalez; Almiron; Cardozo.

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