Soccer Prediction for 17 August 2019 – Freiburg vs Mainz

German Bundesliga Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a hot match between Freiburg vs Mainz, which will take place on Saturday, 17 August 2019 at 20:30 WIB, at the Schwarzwald Stadium.

The 2019-2020 German Bundesliga will officially be held on Saturday this week. Where all teams are preparing to show their best quality of performances, and these two teams that are ready to emphasize that is Freiburg vs Mainz.

If we look at the statistics available, the development of Freiburg is clearly visible, from the last few matches successfully gaining the victory, even so sure staring this summer. Apart from that, the position as a host increasingly gives them great confidence that can win over Mainz.

The present percentage confirms that both teams have the same chance of victory, and based on the actions of these two teams, then Mainz’s path to winning the first three points at the start of the season, will feel very heavy as the mentality of the Freiburg players is in good condition.

Asian Handicap Market – Freiburg vs Mainz:
Freiburg 0: 0 Mainz

Score Prediction – Freiburg vs Mainz:
Freiburg 1-1 Mainz

Referring to the status of these two teams, basically Mainz level is still better than that. Proven at their last meetings, Mainz were able to hit Freiburg by a score of 5-0. This score adds a record of Freiburg who never won from them, it can be seen from his five meetings that Freiburg was only able to hold a draw twice and the remaining three lost.

That status is not a sure guarantee that Mainz will win easily, it should be realized here that the new Bundesliga entered the first week. Where this week always presents difficulties for all teams as they need to adapt.

Moreover, Freiburg acts as the host, and based on the prediction of scores and markets, Freiburg will be able to provide resistance and the proper score to close today’s match is 1-0 for the host, because they are more prepared than Mainz, who claimed to lose some of its core players due to injury.

Head to Head Matches – Freiburg vs Mainz:
[06/04/19] Mainz 05 5 – 0 Freiburg
[12/01/19] Mainz 05 2 – 2 Freiburg
[12/01/19] Mainz 05 2 – 2 Freiburg
[10/11/18] Freiburg 1 – 3 Mainz 05
[17/04/18] Mainz 05 2 – 0 Freiburg

Freiburg’s Last 5 Matches:
[13/07/19] Offenburger FV 1 – 6 Freiburg
[19/07/19] Freiburg 2 – 4 Stuttgart
[03/08/19] Freiburg 0 – 1 Cagliari
[03/08/19] Freiburg 4 – 1 Cagliari
[10/08/19] Magdeburg 0 – 1 Freiburg

Mainz’s Last 5 Matches:
[17/07/19] Mainz 05 2 – 0 Rayo Vallecano
[21/07/19] Mainz 05 1 – 2 Jahn Regensburg
[03/08/19] FC Metz 0 – 1 Mainz 05
[03/08/19] FC Metz 0 – 1 Mainz 05
[10/08/19] Kaiserslautern 2 – 0 Mainz 05

Team Players:
Freiburg: Schwolow; Heintz, Gunter, Stenzel, Schlotterbeck, Abrashi, Frantz, Hofler, Haberer, Grifo, Holer.
Mainz: Muller; Brosinski, Bell, Aaron Martin, Niakhate, Latza, Oztunali, Malong, Boetius, Quaison, Mateta.

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