Soccer Prediction for 19 June 2019 – Brazil vs Venezuela

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction today presents a hot match between Brazil vs Venezuela, which will be held on Wednesday, 19 June 2019 at 07:30 WIB, at the Arena Fonte Nova Stadium.

The 2019 Copa America Group A will present the opening match of the host figure, Brazil who will face an unexpected team, Venezuela which always present many surprises in each match both against big teams and small teams.

Facing the host is clearly not an easy matter for Venezuela, consider Brazil are a superior team that claimed to be a champion, besides Argentina who are both strong teams. As for against Venezuela, Brazil almost always closed the match with a victory.

It can be seen from their last five meetings, Brazil were able to collect three wins and two draws. This note at least provides an answer that they are still better in terms of quality and mentality than Venezuela.

In this 2019 event, Brazil are only minus Neymar who is injured, but the absence of the Paris Saint Germain star is not a bad value, as Brazil have always been born with extraordinary talents like Neymar even more.

Asian Handicap Market Brazil vs Venezuela:
Brazil 0: 1 1/2 Venezuela

Score Prediction – Brazil vs Venezuela:
Brazil 3-0 Venezuela

With the support of millions football lovers on their homeland, Brazil will certainly play very excited, and even the shadow of losing is impossible to cross their minds. On that basis, Brazil are so seeded, and it is not impossible their attack will destroy Venezuela in a big number of goals.

The analysis is strongly supported by many bookies, they dare to issue predictions that Brazil will control 90 percent of midfield, up and down. When this condition occurs, what Venezuela will do is to survive totally while expecting the opportunity to counterattack.

Apart from that opportunity, Brazil were the superior team when playing at home, and this match was worthy of being won by David Luiz CS with a landslide score, even a 5-0 score might have happened, as they had just won 7-0 over Honduras in the previous match, before playing in the 2019 Copa America.

Head to Head Matches – Brazil vs Venezuela:
[12/10/16] Venezuela 0-2 Brazil
[10/14/15] Brazil 3 – 1 Venezuela
[06/22/15] Brazil 2 – 1 Venezuela
[04/07/11] Brazil 0 – 0 Venezuela
[10/15/09] Brazil 0 – 0 Venezuela

Brazil’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/17/18] Brazil 1 – 0 Uruguay
[11/21/18] Brazil 1 – 0 Cameroon
[24/03/19] Brazil 1 – 1 Panama
[3/3/19] Czech Republic 1-3 Brazil
[6/6/19] Brazil 7 – 0 Honduras

Venezuela’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/16/18] UAE 0 – 2 Venezuela
[11/16/18] Japan 1 – 1 Venezuela
[11/18/18] Iran 1 – 1 Venezuela
[3/23/19] Argentina 1 – 3 Venezuela
[03/26/19] Catalyst 2 – 1 Venezuela

Team Players:
Brazil: Alisson – Thiago Silva – Danilo – Alex Sandro – Marquinhos – Philippe Coutinho – Allan – Casemiro – Lucas Paqueta – Roberto Firmino – Richarlison.
Venezuela: Farinez – Rosales – Villanueva – Osorio – Hernandez – Rincon – Murillo – Moreno – Herrera – Rondon – Machis.

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