Soccer Prediction for 2 August 2019 – Kalteng Putra vs Semen Padang

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Kalteng Putra vs Semen Padang, which will take place on Friday, 2 August 2019 at 15:30 WIB, at the Sultan Agung Stadium.

The standings of Indonesia Liga 1 for the time being show that Kalteng Putra is ranked 16th with 8 points. While Semen Padang is ranked 18th with 4 points. If we look at the status of these two teams, we could say this match is at the lower level.

Despite being in the relegation zone, their chances of going up ranked so much, as the points difference from the team above was not too far away and only one point adrift to four points. In other words, this match is required for both teams to win.

Playing at home is a slight advantage for Kalteng Putra, while Semen Padang’s preparations before the match are held by trying to make a good change from the attacking sector to the back, and most specifically is the back sector as this sector is the weakest seen this season.

Asian Handicap Market – Kalteng Putra vs Semen Padang:
Kalteng Putra 0: 1 Semen Padang

Score Prediction – Kalteng Putra vs Semen Padang:
Kalteng Putra 2-1 Semen Padang

The games of Kalteng Putra in this season has actually succeeded in giving hope to fans to be able to compete in the middle. However, the weakness of those who are not too focused, causes an opportunity for the opposing team, so that they take the ball back from their own goal.

Now all looks a little better, and seeing the opportunity to get out of the red zone is so great, it is certain that Kalteng Putra will play attacking and Semen Padang will be more depressed than pressing. A thin score of 1-0 is a score that deserves to be won by Kalteng Putra.

Head to Head Matches – Kalteng Putra vs Semen Padang:
[19/11/18] Semen Padang 3 – 1 Kalteng Putra
[30/10/18] Kalteng Putra 1 – 0 Semen Padang
[01/12/13] Kalteng Putra CANCELLED Semen Padang
[03/07/13] Semen Padang 2 – 0 Kalteng Putra

Kalteng Putra’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/07/19] Kalteng Putra 0 – 1 Borneo
[07/07/19] Kalteng Putra 0 – 2 PSS Sleman
[11/07/19] Persela 3 – 0 Kalteng Putra
[16/07/19] Persib 2 – 0 Kalteng Putra
[26/07/19] TIRA-Persikabo 5 – 2 Kalteng Putra

Semen Padang’s Last 5 Matches:
[21/06/19] Semen Padang 1 – 2 Badak Lampung
[28/06/19] Persipura 1 – 1 Semen Padang
[08/07/19] Semen Padang 1 – 3 TIRA-Persikabo
[12/07/19] Semen Padang 0 – 1 Arema
[17/07/19] Semen Padang 2 – 3 Bhayangkara

Team Players:
Kalteng Putra: Dimas Galih; Kevin Gomes, O.K. John, Rafael Bonfim, Rezky Dwi Febrianto; Yu Hyun-koo, I Gede Sukadana, Diego Campos; Ferinando Pahabol, Hedipo Gustavo, Patrich Wanggai.
Semen Padang: Teja Paku Alam; Syaiful Indra Cahya, Shukurali Pulatov, Dedi Gusmawan, Leo Guntara; Manda Cingi, Mario Barcia, Jose Sardon; Dedi Hartono, Karl Max, Irsyad Maulana.

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