Soccer Prediction for 20 July 2019 – Madura United vs Arema

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Madura United vs Arema, which will be live broadcasted by Indosiar, on Saturday, 20 July 2019 at 18:30 WIB, at the Madura Queen Pamelingan Stadium.

East Java club duel will be presented in the week 10 of 2019-20 Indonesia League 1, where Madura United will face the neighboring team, Arema. If we look at the actions of these two teams, now Madura United is better than Arema because they are in the top 4 of the standings.

While Arema is ranked 8th with 12 points and only two points adrift of Madura United. It can be said that this match will become an important match for both teams, if they want to be in a better position than now, considering that Indonesia Liga 1 is now a bit difficult to predict who will be the champion.

If we refer to the statistics of both teams, then Madura United’s steps should be taken into account, because they have just lost to Persipura 1-0. This defeat made them down the rankings from second to fourth, now the victory is the main target of Madura United, if they want to return to the position of championship ladder.

On the other hand, Arema slowly began to rise with successive wins in the last two matches and the victory made them return to the competition in the top four, in other words they were also eyeing victory.

Asian Handicap Market – Madura United vs Arema:
Madura United 0: 1/2 Arema

Score Prediction – Madura United vs Arema:
Madura United 2-1 Arema

The same target will certainly make this match run interesting and certainly of high potential, as these two teams were born from the same area. From their last five meetings, these two teams were quite balanced with success winning twice and one draw.

This below note gives a little information that both teams have known each other’s playing characters, and in this match there were not many changes from each team. For that reason, our prediction team is more in favor of a draw score, as Madura United have always struggled against Arema when they are developing.

Head to Head Matches – Madura United vs Arema:
[17/09/18] Arema 2 – 0 Madura United
[21/04/18] Madura United 3 – 2 Arema
[10/09/17] Madura United 2 – 0 Arema
[14/05/17] Arema 1 – 1 Madura United
[02/09/16] Arema 2 – 1 Madura United

Madura United’s Last 5 Matches:
[30/06/19] PSM 1 – 0 Madura United
[04/07/19] Madura United 2 – 0 PSM
[07/07/19] Madura United 2 – 1 PSM
[12/07/19] TIRA-Persikabo 2 – 2 Madura United
[16/07/19] Persipura 1 – 0 Madura United

Arema’s Last 5 Matches:
[27/05/19] Arema 3 – 2 Persela
[29/06/19] Arema 1 – 2 TIRA-Persikabo
[04/07/19] Arema 3 – 1 Persipura
[12/07/19] Semen Padang 0 – 1 Arema
[16/07/19] Arema 4 – 1 Badak Lampung

Team Players:
Madura United: Satria Tama, Beny Wahyudi, Fachrudin Aryanto, Fabiano Beltrame, Alfath Fathier, Raphael Maitimo, Slamet Nurcahyo, Nuruddin Davronov, Bayu Pradana, Greg Nwokolo, Alberto De Paula.
Arema FC: Utam Rusidana, Johan Alfarizie, Arthur Cunha, Purwaka Yudi, Syaiful Indra Cahya, Hanif Sjahbandi, Balsa Bozovic, Ahmet Atayev, Hendro Siswanto, Dendi Santoso, Thiago Furtuoso.

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