Soccer Prediction for 20 October 2019 – Stade Reims Vs Montpellier

French Ligue 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a super-hot match between Stade Reims Vs Montpellier, which will be live broadcasted by beIN Sport, on Sunday, 20 October 2019 at 01:00 WIB, at Auguste Delaune II.

Week 10 of the 2019-2020 French Ligue 1 shows that there will be a change in the position of the standings, including from the standings of the two teams that will compete today. It can be seen how the struggle for the top six positions made it imperative for Reims and Montpellier to win.

Currently, Reims is ranked 6th with 14 points, this achievement is the same as that of Montpellier which is currently ranked 7. In other words, if one team wins, there will be a change in the standings for both the team, and other teams as well as the points won from each team are very close.

Playing at home gives a great emphasis and hope for Reims, they are expected to maintain their best status until the end of the season. Against Montpellier they also have a few notes that need to be fixed.

With a week’s holiday in Reims’ predictions there will be many changes and be able to maintain the tradition of victory over Montpellier, as happened at its last meeting. The final defeat received by Montpellier over Reims occurred in the 2018 season.

Asian Handicap Market – Stade Reims Vs Montpellier:
Stade Reims 0: 0 Montpellier

Score Prediction – Stade Reims Vs Montpellier:
Stade Reims 2-0 Montpellier

Montpellier unexpectedly had to swallow a humiliating 2-4 defeat at Reims, and the defeat was claimed to be a great enthusiasm from the visitors to beat back the host. The potential is considered insufficient to bury the advantages of Reims playing at home.

On that basis, many bookies issue a prediction score of 2-0, and this score is very reasonable as Reims is currently superior to the quality of young players, who are full of ambition and have the speed in covering up existing weaknesses.

Head to Head – Stade Reims Vs Montpellier:
[24/02/19] Montpellier 2 – 4 Stade Reims
[02/09/18] Stade Reims 0 – 1 Montpellier
[01/05/16] Stade Reims 2 – 3 Montpellier
[22/11/15] Montpellier 3 – 1 Stade Reims
[15/03/15] Montpellier 3 – 1 Stade Reims

Stade Reims’ Last 5 Matches:
[15/09/19] Nantes 1 – 0 Stade Reims
[22/09/19] Stade Reims 0 – 0 AS Monaco
[26/09/19] Paris Saint Germain 0 – 2 Stade Reims
[29/09/19] Stade Reims 1 – 2 Dijon
[06/10/19] Rennes 0 – 1 Stade Reims

Montpellier’s Last 5 Matches:
[15/09/19] Montpellier 2 – 1 Nice
[21/09/19] Olympique Marseille 1 – 1 Montpellier
[26/09/19] Montpellier 1 – 0 Nîmes Olympique
[29/09/19] Strasbourg 1 – 0 Montpellier
[06/10/19] Montpellier 3 – 1 AS Monaco

Line-up Prediction:
Stade Reims: E. Mendy – R. Metanire – T. Fontaine – Y. Abdelhamid – G. Konan – M. Martin – A. Romao – X. Chavalerin – M. Doumbia – P. Chavarria – R. Oudin.
Montpellier: B. Lecomte – D. Congre – Hilton – Pedro Mendes – A. Oyongo – R. Aguilar – P. Lasne – F. Mollet – E. Skhiri – A. Delort – G. Laborde.

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