Soccer Prediction for 24 June 2019 – Ivory Coast vs South Africa

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Ivory Coast vs South Africa, which will take place Monday, 24 June 2019 at 21:30 WIB, at Al Salam Stadium.

The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations will be officially held, Group D with the title as a group of ‘hell’ where the contents of this group are big teams, who are experienced with mental playing in international events including the World Cup, will be presented on today’s match.

Ivory Coast is a team that is ready to revive its history as a master team of the Africa continent. They are a team that always gives a surprise and even wins, and now they will face South Africa.

This inaugural match is predicted to be very heavy for South Africa, who are status as a new team who are just woke up from a long sleep. As we all know, they have fasted for a long time, especially for their own continent.

In other words, this match will be very interesting to watch, because these two teams both have championship targets assisted by players, who have experience with performances in various of the world’s best leagues.

Asian Handicap Market – Ivory Coast vs South Africa:
Ivory Coast 0: 1/2 South Africa

Score Prediction – Ivory Coast vs South Africa:
Ivory Coast 1-0 South Africa

In the meantime, Ivory Coast is still predicted as the superior team. They got the title because they had more lunge than South Africa. Judging from the statistics, Ivory Coast is a little lost in the business of winning.

Where South Africa’s record is one win and twice draw from three matches that have been undertaken by both teams. Even so, that status has not become a guarantee that South Africa is better than Ivory Coast.

Regardless of this status, our prediction team dare to say that Ivory Coast with its history will be able to win. Because South Africa is currently not too developed in the affairs of players, where the results of the squad are there, South Africa consists of local players, while Ivory Coast is filled by experienced players who have a lot of work on the European stage.

A thin 2-1 score predicted by our team as a good predictor to market, because South Africa surely will be able to provide resistance, but Ivory Coast with its experience will be able to reduce the ambition of the opponent, who wants to get value in this first match.

Head to Head Matches – Ivory Coast vs South Africa:
[12/02/98] South Africa 1 – Ivory Coast
[11/11/11] South Africa 1 – Ivory Coast
[11/30/14] South Africa 2 – 0 Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/19/18] Guinea 1 – 1 Ivory Coast
[03-24/19] Ivory Coast 3 – 0 Rwanda
[3/27/19] Ivory Coast 1 – 0 Liberia
[06/06/19] Ivory Coast 3 – 1 Comoros
[6/18/19] Ivory Coast (CANCEL) Ethiopia

South Africa’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/21/18] South Africa 1 – Paraguay
[03/25/19] Libya 1 – 2 South Africa
[02/06/19] South Africa 2 – 2 Botswana
[04/06/19] Uganda 1 – 1 South Africa
[06/06/19] South Africa 0 – 0 Malawi

Team Players:
Ivory Coast: Cisse – Traore – Bagayoko – Bamba – Deli – Die – Diomande – Angban – Meite – Cornet – Assale.
South Africa: Abrahams – Khupe – Modise – Mabiliso – Mkhuma – Appollis – Leshabela – Monyane – Foster – Khanyi.

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