Soccer Prediction for 25 June 2019 – Ecuador vs Japan

2019 Copa America Betting Score Prediction this week presents a super match between Ecuador vs Japan, which will be held on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 06:00 WIB, at the Magalhaes Pinto Stadium.

Once again, 2019 Copa America Group C will present a crucial match, and especially for Ecuador who are required to win over Japan, if they want to continue on the opportunity lane to the next round. It can be seen now that Ecuador is ranked fourth with 0 points.

Victory over Japan at least gave them the opportunity to be able to regain confidence in the last 16. While from Japan’s position now, they have been ascertained that they will not qualify for the next round because they only won 1 point and if they win, 4 points cannot shift the position of Uruguay.

This situation certainly will not reduce the spirit of winning from both teams, for Japan this event is a benchmark of their strength in the world football. As for Ecuador, the opportunity will always be pursued even though it is difficult.

Both teams actually met in an international event, and it happened in 2006 with Japan’s 1-0 advantage. This note is clearly not an illustration that Japan will win again in this match.

We can conclude that this event is a big event and certainly brings enormous pressure from each team. The clear experience was won by Japan because they almost always appeared on the World Cup stage.

Asian Handicap Market – Ecuador vs Japan:
Ecuador 0: 1 Japan

Score Prediction – Ecuador vs Japan:
Ecuador 2-0 Japan

Such an experience does not guarantee that Japan will control the game, the speed of the Ecuador’s players is worth considering because it proved that Japan was so exhausted in the fast playing of Chile that it was 4-0 in the inaugural Copa America match yesterday.

The game of Ecuador with Chile is almost the same, on the basis of why many homes predict that Ecuador will become the favorite team to win in this match. A score of 2-0 is a score that most people believe, and if you look at the preparation of the two teams, the score is considered appropriate.

Ecuador received lessons in the previous two matches, although they did not get a positive result, but at least they were able to provide resistance to the opposing team with attacking tactics and speed. One reason this makes Ecuador as a team predicted to be able to beat the Japanese game that seems slow hot.

Head to Head Matches – Ecuador vs Japan:
[03/30/06] Japan 1 – 0 Ecuador

Ecuador’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/22/19] United States 1 – 0 Ecuador
[03/27/19] Honduras 0 – 0 Ecuador
[06/06/19] Venezuela 1 – 1 Ecuador
[06/06/19] Mexico 3 – 2 Ecuador
[06/06/19] Uruguay 4 – 0 Ecuador

Japan’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/26/19] Japan 1 – 0 Bolivia
[06/06/19] Japan 0 – 0 Trinidad and Tobago
[06/06/19] Japan 2 – 0 El Salvador
[06/18/19] Japan 0 – 4 Chile
[06/21/19] Uruguay 2 – 2 Japan

Team Players:
Ecuador: Banguera – Achilier – Paredes – Arboleda – Noboa – Ibarra – Caicedo – Orejuela – Méndez – Mena – Campana.
Japan: Schmidt – Nishi – Miura – Hatanaka – Koki Anzai – Inui – Kagawa – Usami – Kobayashi – Hashimoto – Kamada.

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