Soccer Prediction for 26 July 2019 – Persib vs Bali United

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Persib Bandung vs Bali United, which will be live broadcasted by Indosiar, on Friday, 26 July 2019 at 18:30 WIB, at the Starling Harupat Stadium.

The 2019-20 Indonesia Liga 1 standings for the time being show Persib is in 9th position with 13 points from 9 matches that have been played, while Bali United is in 2nd place with 19 points from 10 matches that have been played. In other words, Irvan Bachdim’s team is still better than the host.

A better status than Persib does not necessarily make Bali United seeded, it should be noted here that they play at the Persib place which is famously haunted for the Indonesian team. With the support of thousands of supporters who came to the stadium, we can be sure the emphasis will occur and Bali United must be able to truly control the mental self-confidence.

The match is predicted to run hot, where Persib, known as a hard team, dared to duel ready to press in order to realize the target of reaching three points. Achieving three points will definitely save them from the top 10 and have the chance to enter the top four.

Asian Handicap Market – Persib vs Bali United:
Persib 0: 0 Bali United

Score Prediction – Persib vs Bali United:
Persib 1-1 Bali United

On the one hand, Bali United certainly has the same target. Despite playing at home to Persib, Bali United is predicted to play attacking, as their current standings provide an opportunity to get to the top of the standings.

Referring to the target of these two teams, our prediction team judged that this match would end with a narrow victory score. The score of the victory will be obtained by Persib, if we look at the statistics from the meeting of these two teams. Even though, they lost in the record meetings, but that record could have made Persib more aggressive, as they were determined to abort the Bali United tradition which almost always succeeded in troubling them.

Head to Head Matches – Persib Bandung vs Bali United:
[30/10/18] Persib 1 – 1 Bali United
[27/05/18] Bali United 0 – 0 Persib
[21/09/17] Persib 0 – 0 Bali United
[31/05/17] Bali United 1 – 0 Persib
[18/09/16] Bali United 1 – 0 Persib

Persib Bandung’s Last 5 Matches:
[30/06/19] Persib 1 – 2 Bhayangkara
[05/07/19] Persebaya Surabaya 4 – 0 Persib
[10/07/19] Persija 1 – 1 Persib
[16/07/19] Persib 2 – 0 Kalteng Putra
[21/07/19] PSIS Semarang 0 – 1 Persib

Bali United’s Last 5 Matches:
[26/06/19] Kalteng Putra 2 – 2 Bali United
[30/06/19] Badak Lampung 0 – 3 Bali United
[14/07/19] Barito Putera 1 – 0 Bali United
[18/07/19] Persela 2 – 0 Bali United
[22/07/19] Bali United 3 – 1 PSS Sleman

Team Players:
Persib Bandung: I Made Wirawan; Supardi Nasir, Bojan Malisic, Achmad Jupriyanto, Ardi Idrus; Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, Rene Mihelic, Artur Gevorkyan; Ghozali Siregar, Ezechiel N’douassel, Frets Butuan.
Bali United: Wawan Hendrawan; Michael Orah, Leonard Tupamahu, William Pacheco, Made Andika Wijaya; Melvin Plajte, Brwa Nouri, Paulo Sergio; Yabes Roni, Ilija Spasojevic, Stefano Lilipaly.

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