Soccer Prediction for 28 August 2019 – Krasnodar Vs Olympiacos Piraeus

Champions League Qualifying Betting Score Prediction today present a super-hot match between Krasnodar Vs Olympiacos Piraeus, which will take place on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 at 02:00 WIB, at the Krasnodar Stadium.

The door to Krasnodar’s hopes of advancing to the next round is claimed to have been tightly closed, it will be very difficult following their 4-0 aggregate lagging over Olympiacos Piraeus. Yesterday’s first leg showed the weaknesses of Krasnodar on various fronts, so the opposing team could easily suppress their defense.

Now the situation is not much different even though Krasnodar plays at home, as is known with Olympiacos Piraeus is an experienced team that successfully participated in the biggest European League competition today. The big victory score will be picked again by Olympiacos Piraeus, as Krasnodar is predicted to apply a total attack tactic.

When this tactic works, there will definitely be weaknesses in how the defense must be truly prepared to anticipate the counterattack that will be applied by the opposing camp. It is this anticipation that is predicted to be the weakness of Krasnodar, so Olympiacos Piraeus has the upper hand.

Asian Handicap Market – Krasnodar Vs Olympiacos Piraeus:
Krasnodar 0:0 Olympiacos Piraeus

Score Prediction – Krasnodar Vs Olympiacos Piraeus:
Krasnodar 1-2 Olympiacos Piraeus

Referring to the above analysis, it is very possible for Olympiacos Piraeus to win again. It proven how the prediction was issued by the market today, and makes it possible for Olympiacos Piraeus to provide lessons for Krasnodar how to play neatly.

Krasnodar’s ability is still far away from Olympiacos Piraeus, in other words their level is not comparable to Olympiacos Piraeus and predicted a narrow victory score of 1-2 for Olympiacos Piraeus and they will go advance to the finals of the final phase Champions League group this season.

Head To Head Matches – Krasnodar Vs Olympiacos Piraeus:
[22.08.19] Olympiacos Piraeus 4-0 Krasnodar
[12.07.14] Olympiacos Piraeus 0-2 Krasnodar

Krasnodar’s Last 5 Matches:
[22.08.19] Olympiacos Piraeus 4-0 Krasnodar
[17.08.19] Tambov 0-2 Krasnodar
[14.08.19] FC Porto 2-3 Krasnodar
[10.08.19] Krasnodar 1-0 Rubin Kazan
[08.08.19] Krasnodar 0-1 Rubin Kazan

Olympiacos Piraeus’ Last 5 Matches:
[22.08.19] Olympiacos Piraeus 4-0 Krasnodar
[14.08.19] Olympiacos Piraeus 2-0 Basaksehir
[08.08.19] Basaksehir 0-1 Olympiacos Piraeus
[31.07.19] Olympiacos Piraeus 4-0 Plzen
[24.07.19] Plzen 0-0 Olympiacos Piraeus

Team Players:
Krasnodar: Safona, Ramirez, Spajic, Martynovich, Petrov, Vilhena, Kambolov, Cabella, Namli, Berg, Wanderson.
Olympiacos Piraeus: Jose Sa, Elabdellaoui, Meriah, Semedo, Tsimikas, Bouchalakis, Guilherme, Podence, Valbuena, Masouras, Guerrero.

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