Soccer Prediction for 29 August 2019 – Club Brugge KV vs LASK Linz

Europa League Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a hot match between Club Brugge KV vs LASK Linz, which will take place on Thursday, 29 August 2019 at 02:00 WIB, at the Jan Breydel Stadium.

The difference in quality is very visible, the status as the inaugural team in the 2019-2020 Europa League, LASK is impressed as a team that is not old enough to fight experienced teams, like Club Brugge. Proven in the first leg of the qualifying round yesterday, LASK was unable to maximize its status as a host, by having to accept a 1-0 defeat of Club Brugge.

Now the situation is getting worse considering they lost the aggregate and had to reverse the aggregate at the Club Brugge stable. Playing at Club Brugge at home, it is predicted that LASK will be very difficult and the prediction of winning scores is worth showing to the host.

Indeed the score 1-0 is not safe for Club Brugge, but the score is predicted to be an incentive for the host, to increase the intensity of their attacks since the early minutes sounded. When this situation goes smoothly, it is not impossible that LASK will return home with a big defeat score.

Asian Handicap Market – Club Brugge KV vs LASK Linz:
Club Brugge KV 0:1 LASK Linz

Score Prediction – Club Brugge KV vs LASK Linz:
Club Brugge KV 3-1 LASK Linz

Referring to the existing market, our prediction team agree with the bookies, considering that Club Brugge is an experienced team and has never lost to a team that is below its level. In other words, the quality of LASK games is not yet comparable to Club Brugge.

Now all are focused on Club Brugge’s readiness, so far they claim to be playing with their best strength, and the target of winning a large score becomes a fixed price, considering that it will be very dangerous when LASK can develop its game.

Our prediction team also boldly said that Club Brugge will win with a score of two goals without reply, this is inseparable from the LASK’s delay to heat, considering the emphasis always comes from the camp of the host.

Head To Head Matches – Club Brugge vs LASK Linz:
[21.08.19] LASK Linz 0-1 Club Brugge

Club Brugge’s Last 5 Matches:
[21.08.19] LASK Linz 0-1 Club Brugge
[17.08.19] Club Brugge KV 0-0 Eupen
[14.08.19] Dyn. Kyiv 3-3 Club Brugge
[10.08.19] Oostende 0-2 Club Brugge
[07.08.19] Club Brugge 1-0 Dyn. Kyiv

LASK Linz’s Last 5 Matches:
[21.08.19] Rapid Vienna 1-2 LASK Linz
[17.08.19] LASK Linz 0-1 Club Brugge
[14.08.19] LASK Linz 1-1 Tirol
[10.08.19] LASK Linz 3-1 Basel
[07.08.19] Admira 0-1 LASK Linz

Team Players:
Club Brugge: Horvath, Amrabat, De Ketelaere, Dennis, Groeneveld, Mechele, Peres, Rezaei, Vanaken, Van Der Brempt, Voest.
LASK Linz: Schlager, Ramsebner, Trauner, Wiesinger, Ranftl, Holland, Michorl, Renner, Goiginger, Klauss, Tetteh.

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