Soccer Prediction for 29 July 2018 – Manchester United vs Liverpool

Manchester United and Liverpool are two teams that often meet in the arena of Premier League or other domestic competitions. But how does it happen when these two famous teams with this thick rivalry meet in a soccer trials? Yes, these two teams will face each other in trials at the Michigan Arena on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Manchester United’s manager, Jose Mourinho has dived three pre-season soccer trials, unfortunately from those three games, only one that was successfully won by the Red Devils. But it is still reasonable, considering quite a lot of their players who still have not joined, because get more summer vacation after playing in the event FIFA World Cup 2018 yesterday together with each country.

In addition, the Pre-season trials is also a place for managers to concoct their brand-new tactics and adaptation of new players. Liverpool themselves are also so, many of their players are still not back, including Mohamed Salah, Sadio mane, Firminho and many more. Of the three test matches The Reds won two games and lost once.

Last 5 Matches of Manchester United Vs Liverpool FC

10/03/18 Manchester United 2 – 1 Liverpool FC

14/10/17 Liverpool FC 0 – 0 Manchester United

15/01/17 Manchester United 1 – 1 Liverpool FC

18/10/16 Liverpool FC 0 – 0 Manchester United

18/03/16 Manchester United 1 – 1 Liverpool FC


Last 5 Matches of Machester United

11/05/18 West Ham United 0 – 0 Manchester United

13/05/18 Manchester United 1 – 0 Watford FC

19/05/18 Chelsea FC 1 vs 0 Manchester United

20/07/18 Manchester United 1 – 1 América

23/07/18 Manchester United 0 – 0 SJ Earthquakes


Last 5 Matches of Liverpool FC

07/07/18 Chester 0 – 7 Liverpool FC

11/07/18 Tranmere Rovers FC 2 – 3 Liverpool FC

14/07/18 Bury FC 0 – 0 Liverpool FC

20/07/18 Blackburn Rover 0 – 2 Liverpool FC

23/07/18 Liverpool FC 1 vs 3 Borussia Dortmund


Team players of Manchester United Vs Liverpool FC

Manchester United: Joel Castro, A.Valencia, C.Smalling, L.Shaw, E.Bailly, J.Garner, Ander Herrera, Andreas Pereira, A.Sánchez, A.Martial, T.Chong

Liverpool FC: L.Karius, N.Clyne, J.Matip, V.van Dijk, A.Robertson, A.Lallana, L.Marković, Fabinho, Rafael Camacho, C.Jones, D.Origi

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