Soccer Prediction for 29 June 2019 – Mauritania vs Angola

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Score Prediction today presents a super match between Mauritania vs Angola, which will take place on Saturday, 29 June 2019 at 21:30 WIB, at the New Suez Stadium.

Group E of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations is ready to present an interesting match with the figure of two teams that are not too famous. It can be proven that they are Mauritania and Angola. If we dissect the actions of the two teams, then there is no one thing to be proud of either in local or long distance competition.

The African Cup event is an event that has always ended tragically for both teams, they are often the months of the African continent. This season has the same potential, because there are no significant changes from both inside and outside the squad of the team.

For this reason, it was very difficult to predict the final score of this match, because the preparation of both teams was not maximum and their trial did not work well.

Asian Handicap Market – Mauritania vs Angola:
Mauritania 0: 0 Angola

Score Prediction – Mauritania vs Angola:
Mauritania 1-2 Angola

Referring to the existing market, our prediction team tried to follow the trail. And it was seen that these two teams had a chance to meet, where the record brought up two more matches and both matches ended in a draw because they both produced one victory.

Speaking of the situation of these two teams now, it is very possible for Angola to win. This is based on the results they have experienced in a number of matches, although they have not achieved positive results, but the results are a little more developed lesson.

Our prediction team also realized that experience was an important matter in matters of final settlement, and then we sided with Angola who would come out as winners with a score of 1-3.

Head to Head Matches – Mauritania vs Angola:
[12/10/18] Angola 4 – 1 Mauritania
[10/17/18] Mauritania 1 – 0 Angola

Mauritania’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/19/18] Mauritania 2 – 1 Botswana
[03/23/19] Burkina Faso 1 – 0 Mauritania
[06/06/19] Benin (CANCEL) Mauritania
[06/06/19] Mauritania 3 – 1 Madagascar
[06/18/19] Benin 3 – 1 Mauritania

Angola’s Last 5 Matches:
[05/19/19] Angola (CANCEL) Eswatini
[05/28/19] Mauritius (CANCEL) Angola
[05/29/19] Angola (CANCEL) Comoros
[06/06/19] Angola 2 – 0 Guinea Bissau
[06/19/19] South Africa (CANCEL) Angola

Team Players:
Mauritania: M. Boubacar – M. Diaw – E. Lembrabott – M. Wade – Z. Youba – D. Traore – M. El Hacen – A. El Id – A. Gueye – E. Teguedi – E. Voulany.
Angola: Gerson – Eddie Afonso – Depaiza – Mona – Nandinho Quissanga – Pedro Agostinho – Vanilson – Gelso – Wilson Eduardo – Caporal.

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