Soccer Prediction for 3 August 2019 – Badak Lampung vs Persela Lamongan

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a super match between Badak Lampung vs Persela Lamongan, which will take place on Saturday, 3 August 2019 at 18:30 WIB, at the Stadion Sumpah Pemuda.

Badak Lampung as a promotion team are good enough for the Indonesia Liga 1 season this time, we can see together that they are now ranked 14th and only lose one rank to Persela Lamongan, who currently ranks 13th with 10 points.

Referring to the status, it can be said that the strength map of these two teams are quite balanced. As for the current squad of players they are equally strong, where no player is so prominent in providing major changes to the team defended.

Playing at home gives a little advantage for Badak Lampung to gain three points. With great support from the fans themselves, it is predicted that Badak Lampun will release all their abilities in order to sink Persela, who is currently facing a crisis of players due to card accumulation.

Asian Handicap Market – Badak Lampung vs Persela Lamongan:
Badak Lampung 0: 0 Persela Lamongan

Score Prediction – Badak Lampung vs Persela Lamongan:
Badak Lampung 1-1 Persela Lamongan

Despite the bad situation for Persela, it is worth considering how they have achieved good results in recent weeks. The results at least provide an answer that Persela can certainly provide resistance to Badak Lampung.

For this match, our prediction team is more favor in the host side, although the existing market shows a balance for both teams. But here, we see the superiority and aggressiveness of the host in starting the attack, and when all that goes perfectly then it is not impossible that Persela will lose by a score of 2-0.

Head to Head Matches – Badak Lampung vs Persela Lamongan:
[13/10/18] Badak Lampung 2 – 0 Persela
[11/05/18] Persela 0 – 0 Badak Lampung
[08/09/17] Persela 1 – 0 Badak Lampung
[13/05/17] Badak Lampung 0 – 0 Persela
[17/10/16] Badak Lampung 1 – 1 Persela

Badak Lampung’s Last 5 Matches:
[05/07/19] Badak Lampung 3 – 3 Barito Putera
[10/07/19] Persipura 1 – 1 Badak Lampung
[16/07/19] Arema 4 – 1 Badak Lampung
[22/07/19] Badak Lampung 1 – 1 Borneo
[27/07/19] Madura United 5 – 1 Badak Lampung

Persela Lamongan’s Last 5 Matches:
[06/07/19] PSIS Semarang 2 – 0 Persela
[11/07/19] Persela 3 – 0 Kalteng Putra
[18/07/19] Persela 2 – 0 Bali United
[22/07/19] Barito Putera 0 – 0 Persela
[29/07/19] Persela 2 – 2 Borneo

Team Players:
Badak Lampung (4-3-3): Daryono, Syahrul Mustofa, Kunihiro Yamashita , Zainal Haq, Kurniawan Karman, Fernandinho, Akbar Tanjung, Abdul Lestaluhu, Marquinhos Carioca, Talaohu Musafri, Francisco Torres.
Persela Lamongan (4-3-2-1): Dwi Kuswanto ; Eky Taufik, Mawouna Amevor, Muhammad Zaenuri, Achmad Birrul Walidan; Kei Hirose, Lucky Wahyu, Sugeng Efendi; Rafinha Gomes, Delvin Rumbino; Alex dos Santos.

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