Soccer Prediction for 6 June 2019 – Mexico vs Venezuela

American Football Betting Score Prediction tonight presents a classic match between Mexico vs Venezuela, which will take place on Thursday, 6 June 2019 at 09:00 WIB, at the Marcedes Benz Stadium.

America continues to provide a forum for all countries to develop their teams to compete in the world. This time the media presents a trial match between Mexico vs Venezuela, which can be predicted to run very hot and full of emotions.

The record showed when each team meets, there are at least six to seven yellow cards coming out of the referee’s pocket. Now they are a bit muffled as tonight’s match is a trial match. And based on existing statistics, the host is superior with a percentage of 70:30.

The quality and content of the Mexican players are clearly better than Venezuela, which is only filled with domestic league players, and different from them, many Mexican squads play in the best European Leagues, including Javier Hernandez Chicharito.

Asian Handicap Market – Mexico vs Venezuela:
Mexico 0: 1 Venezuela

Score Prediction – Mexico vs Venezuela:
Mexico 1-0 Venezuela

The situation and status possessed by both teams cornered one name, Mexico, which were considered worthy of winning the match. Even is thus obliged to see the statistics that have occurred in their last five meetings, it can be proven that the strength of these two teams are quite balanced.

Apart from that, Mexico are a strong team when playing at home. Although in the last meeting, they only had a draw 1-1, but in this upcoming match, their preparations were more mature because they were ready to play with their best players, including players who competed in the European League.

On that basis, they are ready to prove themselves to be competing in the upcoming Copa America, and this match of victory becomes mandatory for Mexico in their mission to give signal to other teams. The appropriate score is a score of 2-0, because Venezuela are not able to develop the game due to the emphasis given by the host.

Head to Head Matches – Mexico vs Venezuela:
[6/6/16] Mexico 1 – 1 Venezuela
[01/26/12] Mexico 3 – 1 Venezuela
[30/03/11] Mexico 1 – 1 Venezuela
[13/10/10] Mexico 2 – 2 Venezuela
[06/24/09] Mexico 4 – 0 Venezuela

Mexico’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/17/18] Mexico 0-1 Chile
[11/17/18] Argentina 2-0 Mexico
[11/21/18] Argentina 2-0 Mexico
[23/03/19] Mexico 3 – 1 Chile
[27/03/19] Mexico 4 – 2 Paraguay

Venezuela’s Last 5 Matches:
[11/16/18] Japan 1 – 1 Venezuela
[11/18/18] Iran 1 – 1 Venezuela
[3/23/19] Argentina 1 – 3 Venezuela
[03/26/19] Catalyst 2 – 1 Venezuela

Team Players:
Mexico: R. Gudino – N. Araujo – C. Montes – F. Navarro – L. Rodriguez – J. dos Santos – J. Gallardo – E. Gutierrez – O. Pineda – R. Jimenez – C. Rodriguez.
Venezuela: R. Romo – N. Ferraresi – R. Hernandez – R. Rosales – J. Chancellor – L. Del Pino – Y. Herrera- J. Murillo – J. Cadiz – J. Hurtado – J. Martinez.

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