Soccer Prediction for 7 August 2019 – Kalteng Putra vs Arema

Indonesia Liga 1 Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Kalteng Putra vs Arema, which will be live broadcasted by Indosiar, on Wednesday, 7 August 2019 at 18:30 WIB, at Stadion Tuah Pahoe.

This upcoming match of 2019-2020 Indonesia Liga 1 is a little different than usual, where the difference is very striking with Arema being in position 4 with 18 points, while the host, Kalteng Putra is in 12th place with 10 points.

This status at least shows that the readiness of these two teams are very different, one advantage Arema here is the progress of their game that continues to grow both in defense and attack. A big score of 5-1 over Persib Bandung yesterday showed that there was an increase in the mental confidence of the Arema players to continue to be at the highest level.

Although they will play as the visitor, but still, many believe this East Java team will be able to crush Kalteng Putra’s ambition to get out of the relegation red zone.

Asian Handicap Market – Kalteng Putra vs Arema:
Kalteng Putra 0: 1/4 Arema

Score Prediction – Kalteng Putra vs Arema:
Kalteng Putra 1-1 Arema

Referring to the existing status, we can see here that there must be a big ambition from Kalteng Putra, where they must be able to get points as the current standings have the potential to reduce their ranking to the bottom of the standings, as those 11 points are only 1 point ahead of the teams below.

Now all depends on the spirit and fighting spirit of the two teams, and our prediction team sees that the mental confidence of the Arema players will be able to surpass the ambition to get points from Kalteng Putra. Thus, a thin score of 1-2 is worth pinning for Arema victory.

Head to Head Matches – Kalteng Putra vs Arema:
[05/04/19] Kalteng Putra 0 – 3 Arema
[02/04/19] Arema 3 – 0 Kalteng Putra

Kalteng Putra’s Last 5 Matches:
[03/07/19] Kalteng Putra 0 – 1 Borneo
[07/07/19] Kalteng Putra 0 – 2 PSS Sleman
[11/07/19] Persela 3 – 0 Kalteng Putra
[16/07/19] Persib 2 – 0 Kalteng Putra
[26/07/19] TIRA-Persikabo 5 – 2 Kalteng Putra

Arema’s Last 5 Matches:
[12/07/19] Semen Padang 0 – 1 Arema
[16/07/19] Arema 4 – 1 Badak Lampung
[20/07/19] Madura United 1 – 0 Arema
[26/07/19] Arema 3 – 2 Bhayangkara
[30/07/19] Arema 5 – 1 Persib

Team Players:
Kalteng Putra (4-3-3): Dimas Galih Pratama; Dendi Maulana, Kevin Gomes, OK John, Rafael Bonfim; Fajar Handika, Gede Sukadana, Hedipo; Patrich Wanggai, Ferinando Pahabol, Diogo Campos.
Arema FC (4-2-1-3): Utam Rusdiana: Agil Munawar, Hamka Hamzah, Arthur Cunha, Alfarizi; Jayus Hariono, Hendro Siswanto; Makan Konate; Dendi Santoso, Sylvano Comvalius, Dedik Setiawan.

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