Soccer Prediction for 9 June 2019 – Greece vs Italy

Euro 2020 Qualifying Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Greece vs Italy, which will be held on Sunday, 9 June 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at the Athens Olympic Stadium.

Group J is the last group of the upcoming Euro 2020 qualifying phase. For now, the last group is filled by Italy as the top standings with a collection of 6 points from two consecutive wins. While Greece themselves are ranked 2nd with 4 points.

In this third match, Greece, will act as the host, have a better chance than Italy, which is claimed to be missing out on their several key players, due to injury. This condition clearly provides an opportunity for the players to play at the top ball.

Statistics also show Italy are more favored, where from their last five meetings, they were able to hold three wins and twice a draw. This status signals that Italy’s quality are still better than Greece, which has surprised the Euro as a champion.

Asian Handicap Market – Greece vs Italy:
Greece 1: 0 Italy

Score Prediction – Greece vs Italy:
Greece 1-2 Italy

The market that came out still showed the strength of Italy, although bookie brave to issue a thin score, but still it would be very dangerous because Greece will play in front of their own public. Keep in mind, in their last match, Greece lost to Finland.

This defeat is an important note for Greece to be able to improve their game even better, as Italy were able to show significant changes after being trained by Roberto Mancini. As for the game they were more seen attacking and proved to be two successful winnings presented by Mancini.

Apart from the statistics of these two teams, the more important note here is when Italy are at the peak of their performance, they will easily beat Greece, because their players are experienced players, who have a career in the best European leagues.

On that basis, that’s why a thin score was proof that Italy deserved to win from Greece.

Head to Head Matches – Greece vs Italy:
[11/14/81] Italy 1 – 1 Greece
[05/10/83] Italy 3 – 0 Greece
[13/03/85] 0-0 Greece of Italy
[08/10/86] Italy 2-0 Greece
[11/8/08] Greece 1 – 1 Italy

Greece’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/16/18] Finland 2-0 Greece
[11/16/18] Greece 1 – 0 Finland
[11/19/19] Greece 0 – 1 Estonia
[24/03/19] Liechtenstein 0-2 Greece
[27/03/19] Bosnia-Herzegovina 2 – 2 Greece

Italy’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/15/18] Poland 0-1 Italy
[11/18/18] Italy 0-0 Portugal
[11/21/18] Italy 1 – 0 United States
[24/03/19] Italy 2 – 0 Finland
[3/27/19] Italy 6 – 0 Liechtenstein

Team Players:
Greece: Gallese – Advincula – Callens – Trauco – Araujo – Yotun – Cueva – Carrillo – Tapia – Flores – Reyna.
Italy: Donnarumma – Bonucci – Spinazzola – Chiellini – Mancini – Verratti – Jorginho – Sensi – Quagliarella – Politano – Kean.

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