Soccer Prediction for 9 June 2019 – Scotland vs Cyprus

Euro 2020 Qualifying Betting Score Prediction today presents a classic match between Scotland vs Cyprus, which will take place on Sunday, 9 June 2019 at 01:45 WIB, at Hampden Park Stadium.

Scotland must work a little harder as they are held in the top five in Group I. The third match of Euro 2020 Qualifying is an obligation for Scotland to win, and the opportunity is very wide, because their opponent now are Cyprus.

Based on the meeting’s record, Scotland are still better than Cyprus. From their last five meetings, Scotland were able to collect five wins and that means there has been no increase or positive signal that the Cyprus’ game is able to keep up with the Scotland’s game.

The current situation and conditions still show the level of the Cyprus that is not comparable to Scotland. Despite being able to be ranked second, but the rating is not enough to give a big guarantee that they will win against Scotland.

Asian Handicap Market – Scotland vs Cyprus:
Scotland 0: 1 Cyprus

Score Prediction – Scotland vs Cyprus:
Scotland 2-0 Cyprus

The conditions now are clearly getting harder for Cyprus, because they play at home to Scotland. When referring from experience, Cyprus must be on the level of gods because when they come, the big scores are always in Cyprus’s memory because Scotland are so crazy.

Despite the improvement shown by Cyprus, Scotland are still a worthy team and until now they are still in fair condition, despite being thrown into the top five, as the results prove that Scotland are out of luck.

The victory is definitely Scotland’s main target, because the victory will get them back on the hunt for a ticket to the upcoming Euro 2020 finals. As for the status of the host, Scotland are predicted to immediately take the initiative to attack in the hope of being able to score quickly, so that everything becomes easier.

Head to Head Matches – Scotland vs Cyprus:
[12/12/68] Cyprus 0 – 5 Scotland
[05-1769] Scotland 8 – 0 Cyprus
[08/02/89] Cyprus 2 – 3 Scotland
[04/26/89] Scotland 2 – 1 Cyprus
[12/11/11] Cyprus 1 – 2 Scotland

Scotland’s Last 5 Matches:
[10/14/18] Scotland 1 – 3 Portugal
[11/18/18] Albania 0 – 4 Scotland
[11/21/18] Scotland 3-2 Israel
[3/21/19] Kazakhstan 3 – 0 Scotland
[03/25/19] San Marino 0 – 2 Scotland

Cyprus’ Last 5 Matches:
[10/17/18] Slovenia 1 – 1 Cyprus
[11/17/18] Cyprus 1 – 1 Bulgaria
[11/18/18] Cyprus 0 – 2 Norway
[03/22/19] Cyprus 5 – 0 San Marino
[03-25/19] Cyprus 0-2 Belgium

Team Players:
Scotland: Bain – O’Donnell – Robertson – Paterson – Bates – McKenna – McLean – Armstrong – McGregor – Fraser – Russell.
Cyprus: Pardo – Merkis – Dossa Junior – Laifis – Ioannou – Kousoulos – Efrem – Margaca – Artymatas – Papoulis – Antoniou.

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