Solskjaer admits he needs new players after being eliminated from the Europa League

After being officially eliminated from the Europa League this season, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer finally admitted that his team really needed new player ammunition.

Monday morning WIB (17/08), Manchester United faced Sevilla in the semi-finals of the Europa League. In that match, the Red Devils took the lead thanks to a goal scored by Bruno Fernandes from the penalty spot.

However, Sevilla managed to get up and win through goals from Suso and Luuk de Jong in the second half. Sevilla’s 1-2 advantage score lasted until the game ended. As a result, Manchester United were officially eliminated from this competition.

Many have questioned coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision not to make substitutions until the 87th minute. After the match, the Norwegian coach then tried to explain that reason.

“You know a lot of times in games like this when you create lots of winning chances first, it’s difficult to draw out players who can score goals.”

“Yes, we looked a little tired at the end of the match but we performed well and I made that decision,” Solskjaer said as quoted by Goal International.

Maybe Solskjaer’s decision wasn’t quite right, but apart from that, the former Cardiff City coach admits that his team does need new players.

“We certainly need to strengthen the depth of the squad because the season is going to be long and we only have two weeks of rest before coming back together,”

“The league will start soon but the transfer market is still open for a long time. We have to be smart and smart. I can’t say when the transfer of new players will be completed but we want it, “he said.

Solskjaer himself had previously boasted that he was quite satisfied with the current Red Devils squad. However, this time the manager’s statement was in stark contrast after being eliminated from the Europa League.

Manchester United itself has been linked with several top players in the transfer market this summer, such as Jadon Sancho, Kai Haverts and several other names.

But until now, none of the players have been brought in by the Red Devils.

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