Solskjaer also comments on Man City’s sanctions being lifted

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked for comments related to the lifting of sanctions of Financial Fair Play from Manchester City.

A few months ago, UEFA had already imposed a ban on playing on the European stage in the next two seasons for Manchester City. Sanctions were given after the discovery of the fact that the defending champion EPL violated the rules of Financial Fair Play.

Obviously the Premier League giants did not accept this, they then filed an appeal to the Court of Appropriate Sports or CAS. After a long wait, Manchester City found that the appeal was accepted, in other words the sanction of a ban on playing in the Champions League was officially lifted.

Good news for Manchester City, but on the one hand this revocation also raises a lot of criticism. The reason is, CAS still provides sanctions in the form of fines of 10 Million Euros, even though if it is innocent, fines should also be revoked.

Solskjaer was then consulted about the lifting of sanctions, and he acknowledged that people were busy talking about the matter lately. It’s just that, as a coach of another team, Solskjaer doesn’t want to comment further.

“I think many people want to argue about this issue. I don’t think commenting on that is my job. My job is to focus on preparing for the next match and doing the right things.” Solskjaer told the Manchester Evening News.

Some parties consider that the FFP rules are ultimately not reliable, because they tend to side with top teams with great financial strength. Regarding this assumption, Solskjaer was again reluctant to say much.

“The FFP is presented so that clubs have sustainable finance and that is what is most important. They have given us rules and we should focus on that, and let others who comment on it be right or wrong,” he said.

A number of English Premier League coaches also feel disappointed with the decision of the CAS to lift sanctions from Manchester City. For example there are Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho who openly criticized the CAS ruling.

While on the one hand, Pep Guardiola firmly assured the public that Manchester City was indeed innocent.

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