Solskjaer denied Bruno Fernandes is tired

Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes is considered to be in an unfit condition when Manchester United faced Liverpool last weekend. His poor performance is believed to be due to fatigue, but coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has denied these claims.

As is known, the Duel Full of Prestige took place in the Premier League continued last weekend, Sunday (17/01). Even though the two teams attacked each other, in fact the duel at Anfield ended with the score equally strong at 0-0.

However, Bruno Fernandes’ performance was in the spotlight, with the playmaker sending incorrect passes several times. In addition, he was also too easy to lose the ball, and only made a few key passes and provided threats to the Liverpool goal.

His poor performance has raised various opinions, including due to fatigue, because Bruno Fernandes has been relied on by Manchester United too often since last season. In fact, it could be said that he was like the soul of MU’s current game.

Although the claim is quite plausible based on the facts, the coach by Gunnar Solskjaer gave his rebuttal.

In fact, not only denying claims of fatigue, the Norwegian coach also considers Bruno Fernandes’ performance in the match to be normal, not bad.

“His form is very good, he has just been named Player of the Month. He’s not tired, it’s impossible. He’s one of those players who runs and covers a wide area in every game.”

“He is very good at recovering and recharging the battery,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports.

Furthermore, the successor to Jose Mourinho believes that if only Bruno Fernandes could maximize his chances in this match, then no criticism would come. All because the midfielder was unlucky as usual.

“If he could score from that free-kick or if he could have taken Luke’s cross better, he would once again be hailed as the best player in the Premier League,”

“Since he came, he’s been really amazing. He’s not tired, and if I asked him he would answer not tired at all,” he said.

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