Solskjaer gave an unclear response for Paul Pogba’s comeback

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems unable to provide a definitive answer about the current condition of the French midfielder, Paul Pogba. When asked when he could comeback again, Solskjaer actually gave an unclear answer.

Throughout the 2019/20 season campaign, Pogba has been recorded absent on two different occasions. The first occurred at the start of the season, while the second injury lasted since January. In fact, Pogba has only collected eight appearances so far in the Premier League.

The player’s absence was confirmed because of a hamstring injury which forced him to have surgery, and according to estimates, the French midfielder had to pull over for two months. Pogba himself is currently in Dubai to undergo the recovery process.

Reports were heard mentioning that the former Juventus player was already in much better shape. The recovery process is proceeding smoothly, so it is predicted he will comeback or return to play in the near future.

But interestingly, when he got a question about Pogba’s current conditions and when the player could return to playing, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave a vague answer.

“Paul has not been able to train with our team so far,” Solskjaer told MUTV.

The Norwegian coach also could not answer when Pogba could return to play again for Manchester United. All also depends on the player, whether ready or not to return to train with the team.

However, at this time Pogba’s condition is not yet close to recovering to be able to train again.

“So now it all depends on him. If he feels ready to practice, he will train with us. But so far he hasn’t come close to that condition,” he said.

Speaking of Pogba and Solskjaer, in the last few days, the manager was involved in an argument with Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola. The two sides exchanged comments about the future of the player, which is not clear at this time.

Pogba is often associated with a number of European giants, ranging from Real Madrid, Juventus, to Barcelona. Everything will be answered in the transfer market next summer.

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