Solskjaer ready to release Pogba with price of 120 million Pounds

Amid the issue of Real Madrid’s interest in Paul Pogba, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke up and indicated that he supported the transfer of the player to the La Liga champions. The latest news says if the Red Devils are ready to release Pogba with a range of 120 million pounds.

In this last kick, Pogba’s departure for Madrid continued to grow fast, this was because Pogba’s heart was no longer for Manchester United. He has expressed his desire to leave Real Madrid with the words of the club as his dream club.

This speculation is getting stronger with Pogba’s performance decreasing. He seemed to play half-heartedly on the pitch and influenced his team-mates to play badly too. This situation forced Solskjaer to immediately make a decision.

Investigating, actually the side of Manchester United through its great leader, Ed Woodward did not want to lose Pogba because it would be a big blow to the image and reputation of the club around the world as well as the player for business.

Despite getting opposition from senior Manchester United, Solskjaer claimed that he was unable to withstand the heavy burden like parasites on his team next season. In the sense that Solskjaer wants to form a strong and harmonious team despite losing Pogba.

Solskjaer realizes that the next season’s competition is getting harder, and he doesn’t want Pogba to continue to haunt his preparations. Solskjaer only wants to give a plus credit to players who really fall in love with Manchester United.

Outline here Solskjaer wants to be a neutral figure in the transfer market next season. He will not push Pogba, nor will he desperately defend it. In the sense that now only waiting for certainty between Pogba and Manchester United.

When Pogba’s desire was blocked, he did not submit a transfer request so he could move to Spain. However, Pogba’s fate was in his own hands. Amid Pogba’s polemic issue, Solskjaer is rumored to be bringing in at least six players in the upcoming transfer market.

In its movement, Manchester United claimed to be hunting for talented young players including Declan Rice, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and the substitute midfielder Ander Herrera.

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