Solskjaer responds to Van Persie’s criticism

Manchester United tactician apparently did not want to say anything, when he was the target of criticism of a former club player, Robin Van Persie some time ago. Although the Dutch legend is a former Red Devils player, Solskjaer explicitly asked Van Persie not to criticize his coaching style.

Manchester United is still struggling with the problem of inconsistency at this time, and it is seen from the defeat they took in the match against Arsenal last week. This defeat is entirely the responsibility of the coach, but what was criticized by Robin Van Persie was not the performance of the Red Devils players or about tactics.

The Dutch legend actually criticized Solskjaer’s reaction to the defeat. He thinks Solskjaer should show anger, and not give more smiles at the post-match press conference session. According to him, the solskjaer’s attitude makes the Manchester United players will not obey and be reluctant towards their managers.

“When I heard (interview) Ole, I looked like a friendly man. I want to see it a little bit more cruel now, just be angry. I see him smile now after a match like that. This is not the time to smile, “criticized van Persie.

But Solskjaer apparently did not remain silent responding to the criticism of the former Manchester United player. To the reporter, this Norwegian coach claimed not to know the figure of Robin Van Persie, and vice versa, because of that Solskjaer requested that the former Arsenal not criticize his training style, because nothing would change.

“I don’t know Robin and Robin doesn’t know me. He may not have the right to criticize my style of training and I will not change anything. That’s for sure,” said Solskjaer.

Both Robin Van Persie and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have both played for Manchester United, but they have never met as teammates. Solskjaer had left Manchester United to pursue a training license, a year before van Persie joined the Red Devils.

Both may have met as opponents, because before joining Manchester United, Van Persie first became part of Arsenal.

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