Sony’s latest game PS5 console will be released in Indonesia at the price of …

The Japanese technology company, Sony, has finally released the latest Game Console from the Playstation series, namely the PlayStation 5. The release itself will begin today, Thursday (12/11).

However, its global release is still being postponed for about a week, to be precise on November 19, 2020. It’s a shame that Indonesia is one of the countries that are the last to get this game console, reportedly only entering in January 2021.

Even though they were at the back, gamers and PlayStation lovers in Indonesia could at least breathe a sigh of relief because Sony had confirmed the release date in Indonesia.

Interestingly, Sony also provides a pre-order system or pre-orders units starting on 18 December.

But it should be noted, for those of you who want to own this game console, you have to prepare at least IDR 8,799,000 for the Standard version of the PlayStation 5.

Unlike the PlayStation 4 which has a lighter weight and smaller design, the Playstation 5 console has a heavier weight, is also bigger in shape but looks more futuristic.

During its release, Sony will also release several supporting items or supporting accessories for the PlayStation 5 including the Dual Sense Wireless Controller, HD Camera, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, Dual Sense Charging Station and Media Remote.

The accessories themselves will make our experience even more different while tasting this game console.

Unfortunately, the price tag for each accessory is quite high. In fact, the official price for Media Remote itself reaches 499,000 Rupiah.

However, Sony does have its own big fans, including in Indonesia. Moreover, the PlayStation 5 console from the first to the last series, the 4th series has been so popular and in demand by many Indonesians.

Naturally, there are many games available for this console, it can even be played with additional accessories as mentioned above.

Some YouTube users have actually had time to review the PlayStation 5 console, and most of them have had a good impression while playing games with this console, especially when using additional supporting accessories.

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