Soraya Rasyid responds to the “viral” sex video

Indonesian artist and presenter, Soraya Rasyid spoke out about the accusation that she is a female actress in a viral video lately.

The last few days, it was viral a sexual video showing a beautiful woman topless. Ironically, Netizens who saw screenshots or screenshots of the video accused Soraya Rasyid of being the woman in the sordid video.

When met by reporters, Soraya Rasyid then gave a firm and brief rebuttal, that the woman was not herself.

“That’s not me,” she said.

The artist who often appeared in the FTV series admitted that since two days ago, she had known about the video through social media. Many people closest to her ask that question. Soraya was surprised, because the picture was juxtaposed with the screenshot of the video.

“You know from 2 days ago. She said from Facebook and Twitter. At first I didn’t know, but like my younger sibling was asked a lot of questions from citizens, then sent it to me, who is this with my photo again. I was also surprised by my photo next to the exciting video, “she said.

When the truth of the news, Soraya was initially reluctant to provide clarification, because the woman in the video is not herself.

“When I found out about it two days ago, I did not really care. What did people do to clarify that person wasn’t me, the people closest to me also knew it wasn’t me,” she said.

However, more and more Netizens are flooding the artist’s social media with similar questions. Feeling unbearable, Soraya Rasyid finally gave a clear clarification.

“Well never mind I said this is not me. That’s it, with the simple answer, I hope people will understand, “she said.

Of course, the short answer should have been a rebuttal about the allegations that have been heard.

Moreover, this is not the very first time. Before Soraya Rasyid, there were Aura Kasih and Gisella Anastasya, who had been accused of a similar case.

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