Sebar Video Syur Mirip Gabriella Larasati, Pelaku Untung Segini

Spreader Exciting Video Who Looks Like Gabriella Larasati Got A Lot Of Profit

An exciting video that looks like Gabriella Larasati has recently become a hot topic. The police have conducted an investigation regarding the exciting video and arrested the two perpetrators who spread it.

The two perpetrators each distributed a video like Gabriella Larasati through different platforms. NK, for example, he distributed the video on a pornographic content site and got a profit of up to 75 million rupiah.

“The person concerned (NK) has carried out this action for the last 10 months and has succeeded in making a profit of around Rp. 75 million,” said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Ady Wibowo to reporters.

Interestingly, it turns out that this NK also sells some of pornographic videos on the site.

“So it is not only this film, but there are also other films owned by the NK suspect,” said Ady.

Now, on a site that contains pornographic content, this NK has approximately 14000 followers, where each follower can get access to all content uploaded by NK via a VIP subscription by paying 250-300 thousand within a certain period of time.

“There are members who are regular members, VIP members with a range of Rp. 250-300 thousand to become his members,” he explained.

Unlike NK, MSA, who is the actor who spreads the video, has uploaded a video of Syur similar to Gabriella Larasati via Twitter, the goal is to get more followers.

From the last observation, this MSA has more than 10 thousand Twitter, and he is indeed working with NK in spreading the exciting video of Gabriela Larasati

“The person concerned (MSA) has a Twitter account called bbffofficial, currently 10 thousand followers. The suspect with the intention, this MSA intends (to spread pornographic videos) to increase his followers,” said West Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Ady Wibowo to reporters. .

From the two actors who spread the exciting video like Gabriella Larasati, the police managed to confiscate 3 mobile units, 2 BCA Bank ATM cards and 1 laptop unit.

“The two suspects are subject to the Pornography Law and the ITE Law with the threat of imprisonment for 6 years,” said Ady.

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