Stamford Bridge is no longer ‘awful’ anymore

Chelsea will face Lille in the final week of the European Champions League group phase, Wednesday morning WIB (11/12). Playing at home, The Blues should have won more wins, however, in fact the Premier League club has a bad record at home this season. Stamford Bridge is considered no longer haunted.

Well said, the match against Lille will be very important for Chelsea, because the victory in this match will determine the way the Blues qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League. Yes, Chelsea need a victory if you want to qualify automatically for the last 16. A draw could also bring Chelsea through, but on the one hand Valencia must lose to the hands of Ajax Amsterdam on the same day.

For information, Ajax Amsterdam is currently at the top of the standings with 10 points, following Chelsea and Valencia in the 2nd and 3rd positions with a collection of eight points. Meanwhile, Lille is in the caretaker with one point. That is, only Lille had no chance of the last 16. On paper, Chelsea are predicted to win easily over Lille. Because, The Blouses have better player material.

In addition, Chelsea will also play at home in the party later. It’s just that, Stamford Bridge is sometimes not friendly for Chelsea. Especially on the Champions League stage. This season, Chelsea failed to win two Stamford Bridge matches. Respectively when dealing with Valencia and Ajax Amsterdam.

In fact, Chelsea’s poor record when playing home in the European Champions League has occurred since 2017, following concrete evidence.

10/19/17 Chelsea 3 – 3 AS Roma
12/06/17 Chelsea 1 – 1 Atletico Madrid
02/21/18 Chelsea 1 – 1 Barcelona
09/18/19 Chelsea 0 – 1 Valencia
11/06/19 Chelsea 4 – 4 Ajax

I do not know what happened to Chelsea when playing at home, or this is just a matter of their mentality when playing at home. What is clear, the Blues must immediately improve this bad record if you want to qualify for the round of 16.

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