Start first coaching career at Juventus, Andrea Pirlo is called lucky

The former Inter Milan coach who is now in charge of the Italian National Team, Roberto Mancini, thinks that Andrea Pirlo is lucky enough to immediately start his coaching career at a big club like Juventus.

As is known, the Italian legend has indeed officially held the status of Juventus coach. He was appointed by the Bianconneri just hours after Maurizio Sarri’s sacking was announced by the club.

For information, previously Maurizio Sarri was indeed fired after failing to bring Cristiano Ronaldo et al advance to the quarter-finals of the European Champions League this season.

Indeed, Juventus managed to win the second leg against Lyon with a final score of 2-1, but they were still eliminated due to the away goals rule.

Sarri’s dismissal from the coach seat may have been detected before, but Pirlo’s appointment is somewhat surprising because the 41-year-old man still lacks experience in the world of coaching.

In fact, a few days ago he was just appointed as coach of the Juventus U-23 Team.

But what made Mancini surprised was Juventus’ elimination from the European Champions League. Previously, he was sure Juve would qualify. But it is judged that Sarri has failed to apply the philosophy he wants to the Bianconneri squad.

“I don’t think Juventus will be eliminated from the Champions League. I’m sure they will qualify,”

“However, this season has been a bad season, unpredictable and difficult. Sarri was unable to show his unique style of football,” Mancini told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

As for Pirlo’s appointment, Mancini can only say that the AC Milan legend is lucky because he immediately had the opportunity to handle a club as big as Juventus. He is sure, Pirlo can achieve success in his career as a coach.

“Pirlo was lucky. He started from the top and with the best team. Maybe I didn’t start from the bottom, but I started at Fiorentina, not with Juve,”

“It’s not a joke, if I search, I will see Andrea. He has knowledge about football. Like Daniele De Rossi. I would love to work with him. There is always a first time. Andrea is turning a new leaf. Let’s keep an eye on him. Good luck,” he snapped.

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