Sterling always remember ‘Liverpool’ in FIFA video games

The agile winger of Manchester City, Raheem Sterling with the openness of the gods level admitted that almost every time he played video games FIFA always used Liverpool. If dissecting the player’s confession, then it is fair to say that Sterling is a former Reds player.

Liverpool is arguably the way to starve Sterling as a world-class footballer. Before approaching the Etihad Stadium, Sterling is the most expected figure to always be on the pitch.

Sterling is a former Liverpool player in the era of coaching Brendan Rodgers. But all that ended briefly because he chose to leave the 2015 season. If dissected deeper, Sterling’s separation did not go very well.

Drama is present in the Sterling transfer market. The result was he got pressure and hatred from millions of Liverpool supporters. Evidently in every Manchester City match at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool fans gave more emphasis to Sterling.

Despite all the emphasis that Sterling was able to, he admitted he was still very fond of the team that raised his name. Now everything can change and the potential for Manchester City fans to reverse Sterling as he did when playing video games prefers Liverpool rather than Manchester City in FIFA soccer games.

Sterling added that he did not only use Liverpool, as his champion team when playing FIFA video games, but the giant from France, PS also became one of his mainstay in an effort to defeat opponents playing.

“Usually Paris Saint-Germain, and I shouldn’t say this, but [I often play] Liverpool,” Sterling said.

Welcoming the upcoming 2019-2020 season, chances are that Sterling will return sooner to Anfield Stadium because Manchester City will play against Liverpool at the Community Shield event on August 4, 2019.

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