Steven Gerrard Akan Balik ke Liverpool, Tapi Tidak Dalam Waktu Dekat

Steven Gerrard Will Be Back To Liverpool, But It Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

Allistair McCaw confidence that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard will one day return to Anfield and serve as head coach. However, on the one hand he believes that Gerrard’s return will not be realized in the near future.

As is well known, the legend of the British National Team does have strong ties with Liverpool. He has even been part of the Reds since he was a boy and spent his career at the Marseyside club.

It was only at the end of his career that Gerrard decided to leave the United States club, LA Galaxy before retiring in 2017. After retiring, Gerrard returned to Liverpool and worked as a youth team coach.

Only a year later, Gerrard left Anfield again, this time to accept a proposal to coach Scottish club Glasgow Rangers.

Gerrard’s performance at the club was excellent. Even this season, he will likely lead his team to become league champions for the first time in a decade.

This fact makes the legend predicted to return to Anfield by becoming the first team coach to replace Jurgen Klopp. Coincidentally, Klopp and Gerrard’s contracts at their respective clubs will expire in 2024.

Regarding the speculation, Allistair McCaw also has the same belief, but he doubts that Gerrard will return to Anfield right after Klopp is ousted from the managerial seat.

“Without a doubt he wants to be Liverpool manager. Liverpool fans will like him too. I don’t know if that will happen after Klopp or maybe he will need more time, which like now, I think he really needs time.”

“But interestingly, Steven’s contract at Rangers ends at the same time as Klopp at Liverpool,” Allistair told The Record, as reported by the Mirror.

According to Allistair, currently Gerrard still needs time to hone his skills in formulating tactics.

“Does he need a little time before taking another job? Yes, he needs time, but he is on the right track. He is waiting for the right time to return to Liverpool,” he said.

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