Still comfort with Leicester, Maguire makes MU hopeless

England’s rich club, Manchester United seems to have to move quickly in the hunt for new players in the upcoming transfer market. This necessity is based on rumors that claim if Harry Maguire prefers to stay long-term with Leicester City, rather than joining a new club next season.

Maguire was one of the courtiers of the England National Team, who appeared aggressively at Russia’s 2018 World Cup finals, on this basis why the Red Devils were so interested in departing them to Old Trafford.

However, the attraction of the Red Devils is not positive. Until the end of the 2019 winter transfer market, Manchester United did not succeed in persuading Maguire to leave the King Power Stadium.

If we dissect the attitude of Manchester United, it is very natural if they need a new defender. Although under the direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils’ games began to improve, but still their defense is still considered weak and easy to penetrate the opponent.

The name of Maguire has actually been in the targeting list for Manchester United for a long time. Many think that the 26-year-old defender could become a figure like Virgil van Dijk, when he arrived at Liverpool from Southampton last season.

Now if true certainty comes from the figure of Maguire who is reluctant to dock at Manchester, the Red Devils deserve to be bowed. This further confirms that Maguire is more loyal to stay at Leicester as they have just signed a new coach, Brendan Rodgers with a duration of three seasons.

“Football always brings speculation, but I’m happy to be able to survive at Leicester. I have signed a new contract so speculation should have gone away. I am happy with the current situation, we get a new coach and everything looks more positive. The hope is that we can raise the level, “said Maguire.

Maguire added that if he is not too interested in moving to a big club, this has dismissed the news that when a player moves to a bigger club it is because he wants to save his career at the international level with the national team.

This issue is considered Maguire as a figment, because he is very confident when players play well and have high self-confidence, even though the national team level will not turn away from him.

“No one can guess, not knowing in terms of what England national team under Gareth Southgate included players. But so far, he has shown that no matter what club you play in, the most important thing is how you appear on the field, “said Maguire.

“I always enter every team that I strengthen. My dream as a child was to play and achieve something with my country. This will continue, and I will continue to maintain and improve my appearance on the field, “concluded Maguire.

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