Stretch neck too often can pose risk of stroke!

Stretching the muscles in the body is indeed one of the favorite activities of the general public, but there are also those who do it in unusual ways, such as stretching the neck for example. Sometimes, people feel dizzy in their head would feel better, if we do movements like this. In fact, that includes dangerous movements.

For information, recently there was an unknown teenager named Ben Littlewood from Greater Manchester, England who died with an unusual cause. How unusual? Ben is known to move his neck too fast, resulting in a blockage of blood vessels which then causes death.

According to neurologist Dr. Indah Aprianti Putri SpS, MSc, from the National Brain Center Hospital (PON Hospital) the fact is that not only moving the neck too fast can trigger harmful effects to the body, but also ringing the neck. In fact, revealed by Dr. It’s wonderful that such habits can pose risks to strokes, nerve disorders, to other bad possibilities.

“The habit of stretching the neck can have an effect on the blood vessels of the neck. As a result, the nerves in the brain stem area will be disrupted and have an effect on various other nerve parts,” explained this Dr. Indah as reported by AFP.

Keep in mind that in our neck there are many important nerves, so when the neck sounds, there will be practical movement also on these nerves. This can make a person experience neurological disorders from eyeball movement, visual disturbances, visual field disturbances, weakness in the side of the body, disturbances on the face, can even interfere with hearing.

Even worse, according to Dr. Indah it can be a cause of loss of consciousness for someone, also lead to coma, until death. Therefore, the doctor suggested that people stop the habit.

“That can happen because neck movements such as ringing can tear the blood vessels in the neck or basilar artery and cause a blockage stroke. Because it is not recommended to stretch the neck like that,” she added.

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