Study for exam endlessly, this boy suffered encephalitis!

School Exams are indeed a frightening specter for students, often they learn extra to get the best results and get ranked in class. Studying is very permissible, even recommended, but excessive learning is also not good, because it practically forces the brain to work harder than usual.

If the brain works harder, the impact can be fatal as experienced by a 13-year-old boy from Hengyang City, Hunan province, China, was rushed to the hospital due to brain inflammation. As for after tracing, it turns out that the condition experienced by the boy after studying intensely without stopping ahead of the exams to be held by his school.

A report from Sin Chew Daily, quoted from the World of Buzz website, said the boy stayed up all night to study for the school’s final exam. In the morning, his parents found the boy behaving strangely and always shouted “Chong, come on and eat chicken”, even though there was no one there.

Worried about the child’s condition, the boy’s parents immediately rushed his child to the nearest hospital. After being examined by a doctor, the boy was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis which was quite severe. As Harvard Health explains, this condition is a type of inflammation of the brain which is also often referred to as autoimmune disease.

This can occur when the body produces antibodies suddenly, and can attack brain cells. Although very complicated, this rare condition is caused by an infection. According to studies, the stress experienced by the boy also contributed to the autoimmune disease occurring. Some symptoms such as fever, thirst, delusions to hallucinations are strong signs of this condition.

Terrible, experts say that this condition can occur if the body is working too hard. Thus, it is recommended that the body rest regularly between learning processes. That is because our brain and body need to rest, it cannot be forced to continue working all night.

But if it has to, we must intersperse with eating vegetables or fruits as an intake of nutrients needed by the body and brain.

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