Success in defeating Juventus, Gattuso “low-profile”

Napoli managed to deliver a second defeat to Juventus this season, when the two teams met in the Italian Serie A continuation last weekend. This victory is clearly important for Partenopei, in addition to arouse the confidence of the players, the position in the standings also improved. But coach Gennaro Gattuso seemed reluctant to talk.

Napoli face Juventus on the 21st Italian Serie A Giornata on Monday at dawn yesterday (27/01). In the match that took place at the San Paolo Stadium, the Partenopei host did dominate from the first minute. Unfortunately, they could not break the deadlock until the first round ended.

It was only in the second half, two goals scored by Gennaro Gattuso’s men. Each was printed by Piotr Zielinski and Lorenzo Insigne. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal back for the visitors, fortunately the score 2-1 did not change. Napoli remained the winner of the match until the long whistle sounded the referee.

Of course this victory is important for Napoli. Previously, they beat Lazio in the Coppa Italia. Two consecutive wins over a large team to make the confidence of the penggawa Napoli rose again. Previously, they had swallowed up a series of negative results even to the top 10.

However, allenatore Gattuso did not want to be overwhelmed by the improvement of his team. He continued to emphasize that the most important thing was to maintain momentum and never slip.

“Coming home from here, I still think about losing to Fiorentina, because it was shocking. We beat two good teams now, but we are still in trouble, in fact the road is still long, so we have to refocus.”

“I still congratulate the players, they have worked hard for the past week. But we must stay like this now, not give up, focus on Napoli 24 hours a day. ”

“We are not good masters, but far better in terms of covering, blocking the bait. I am angry at Ronaldo’s goal, because I do not want us to slip at all in every game, “Gattuso told Sky Sport Italia.

Thanks to the victory, Napoli have three points, but they are still ranked 10th in the Italian Serie A standings.

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