Suffered a horrendous arm injury, wife updates Hugo Lloris’ latest condition

Hugo Lloris has just experienced a bad incident throughout his football career. As a goalkeeper and captain of Tottenham Hotspur and the French national team, he is a witness where his club lost 0-3 to Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League continued week 8 on Saturday, 5 October 2019.

As if he had fallen on the stairs, witnessed his team immediately lost on the field, Lloris had to accept a bitter pill with an elbow dislocation injury that kept him away for a long time. Although not having to undergo major surgery, Lloris is predicted to be absent until January 2020.

This injury came when Lloris made a mistake in the early minutes of the game, where he tried to catch the ball instead of being released. Suddenly quickly, Lloris fell in the wrong position by showing an expression of pain and had to be carried off the field to get special treatment.

As a professional soccer player, the long absence is a nightmare for them. A little luck was in the Lloris camp, the article he got a lot of support not only came from the players, relatives, but the goalkeeper who was born in France also received special attention from his wife.

Special attention was shown by Marine as the wife of Lloris by posting touching photos. In this post, you can see a picture of Lloris hugging the child with a bandaged hand and accompanied by a love emoticon caption that immediately gets likes and comments from fans.

If dissecting the figure of a child who was held by Lloris, then it is known that the child is a child who was just born Marine last month. Having lived long enough, Lloris and Marine were recorded as married in the 2012 season. Both of these figures already knew close to the high school bench, so far their happiness was accompanied by three children, and the newborn child was named Leandro.

Dissecting deeper the figure of Marine, then the wife of a soccer player is very different. Where Marine holds the status as a legal scholar, in the sense of being far from the world of modeling or even artists who are accustomed to the world football players to be lovers or even wives.

Lloris’s greatest fortune might be his wife’s status, not only beautiful and smart. Marine is also famous as a businessman who is quite successful by having the fashion brand Menege en Sucre.

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