Swallow the first defeat, Setien “rewards” a training-break

Barcelona finally swallowed the first defeat under the direction of Quique Setien, precisely in the match against Valencia last weekend. The defeat was disappointing, but the new manager gave rewards to the Barcelona players. Not in the form of money or goods, the prize given by Setien is a one-day training break.

As is known, Barcelona surrendered with a landslide score of 0-2 from their visit to Valencia headquarters last weekend. In fact, this is the first defeat suffered by Barcelona in the Quique Setien era. In fact, as in the two previous matches, Barcelona appeared more dominant in terms of possession of the ball throughout the match.

Realizing that this defeat was disappointing, the new coach Quique Setian gave his players a day’s vacation time. That said, this prize is quite surprising, because the 61-year-old coach usually gives a very high portion of training to his players. In fact, Setien was also more stringent than Ernesto Valverde.

The former Athletic Bilbao coach usually gives his players vacation days before the match. But this made Barcelona officials object, so they asked Setien not to give much vacation time. No wonder that since Quique Setien has been training, there has been no training break.

The defeat of Valencia was a pretty big blow for Barcelona. On the one hand, this defeat makes them displaced from the top of the Spanish La Liga standings. The manager himself considered that the performance of his players in the match was very bad.

“There were moments when we didn’t play well. None of me or my players liked our game in the first round. Valencia managed to dominate us at that time. They succeeded in preventing us from developing our game. Players also often release bad passes today, “the coach told Mundo Deportivo.

Meanwhile, Quique Setien himself was appointed to replace Ernesto Valverde who was expelled since the beginning of January. Under his direction, Barcelona has only won two wins and swallowed one defeat in three matches in all competitions.

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