Swapped by City, big pressure now felt by Liverpool

Last victory over Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium did not necessarily shake Marseyside Team’s position at the top of the standings, even the distance with Jurgen Klopp’s landing squad was still quite far, 4 points. According to Leroy Sane, the first defeat which experienced by Liverpool, now made a big pressure to this team.

As is known, Manchester City hosted Liverpool in the following Premier League Friday morning (04/12) local time. In the match, the hosts took the lead through Sergio Aguero’s goal in the first half, but Liverpool managed to equalize at the start of the second half through Roberto Firmino. But the victory successfully sealed Manchester City through Leroy sane’s goal before the game ended, 2-1, a victory for the hosts Manchester City.

This victory does mean good for Manchester City, only the distance with Liverpool who are at the top of the standings is still far enough, four points. While Liverpool, of course, can still achieve victory or points again in other matches, it’s just that for Leroy Sane, his team’s victory over the Reds made pressure now to change hands to the Marseyside Team.

“We put pressure on Liverpool, we were only 4 points behind them and they also realized that. They have to keep going, but we pursue. Now it’s more interesting! This is the biggest match since I came here. Right now, Liverpool might be the best team in Europe, even the world, so we are happy we can beat them. The players felt how intense the match was, especially considering how important the match was. It’s really intense, “said the German attacker.

“It’s very important to beat Liverpool. That gives you more confidence to know that we are getting closer [with Liverpool] and this is not over. We will always fight to the end, no matter what the score is. ”

Meanwhile, for Liverpool this is their first defeat in the Premier League this season, after previously going through 20 matches without defeat.

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