Symptoms of dengue fever that frequently been ignored

During rainy season, there are so many diseases that can lurk us, one of which is Dengue Fever. Meanwhile, this disease is caused by a dengue virus that enters the body due to dengue mosquito bites. In fact, dengue is one of the cold-blooded killers. Therefore, it is very important to know about the symptoms of dengue fever before it gets worse.

Well, the following five symptoms are symptoms of dengue that are often ignored, what are they?

1. Sudden high fever

Fever is a symptom or sign given to us that something is wrong happening in the body. It’s just that, sometimes many do not know what kind of fever is caused by dengue fever.

What distinguishes the symptoms of dengue fever with other symptoms of fever is body temperature, DHF can make our bodies heat up to 40 Degrees Celsius. Fever that occurs due to flu and infections from viruses or bacteria are usually accompanied by symptoms of sneezing or coughing while the symptoms of fever in DHF are not the case. In fact, sufferers of dengue can feel fever for two to seven days.

2. Pain in the muscles

In fact, in addition to fever, symptoms of Dengue Fever are also usually characterized by extreme pain in certain muscles, especially leg muscles, sometimes also shivering violently. For information, both of these symptoms can also occur in typhoid sufferers.

3. Severe headaches and pain in the back of the eye

In fact, after just a few hours after feeling a high fever, DHF sufferers will experience extraordinary headaches. Usually the pain occurs around the forehead. Severe headaches are also accompanied by pain in the back of the eye. This is a common symptom that often occurs.

4. Nausea and vomiting

Then, the feeling of nausea and even vomiting can also be a symptom of contracting the dengue virus. Usually DHF sufferers will feel nausea and vomiting for two days without stopping.

5. Fatigue

Finally, fever accompanied by muscle pain and digestive problems that occur in DHF patients can reduce appetite. Of course this causes the body to become exhausted due to lack of food intake that can boost the immune system.

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