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Figure of Lampard is the reason why David Luiz left Chelsea

The departure of David Luiz from Chelsea in the 2019 summer transfer market clearly invited many questions, and in the end, the question was answered already with the expression from the player himself that the reason for leaving was because of the part of the coach, Frank Lampard. David Luiz is arguably one of the…

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David Luiz officially stayed longer at Chelsea

Chelsea have just officially released happy news regarding their players’ contracts, and this time regarding David Luiz‘s contract, which can be sure to stay deeper at Stamford Bridge after signing the extension agreement for the next two seasons. As already signed, Luiz will leave Chelsea at the end of the summer. With the extension of…

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Absence in the Brazilian National Team, David Luiz proposed Sara Madeira

David Luiz was surprisingly not included in the Brazilian National Team squad which will compete in the international arena in the next two matches. The schedule says if Brazil will fight Panama and the Czech Republic. Interestingly here, when empty time is filled by Luiz with more special moments. Luiz surprisingly applied for his sexy…

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