Take a look on 3 unique rules at the wedding reception of Sergio Ramos and Rubio Pillar

Real Madrid defense star, Sergio Ramos looks a little nervous about his preparations for his wedding reception with Rubio Pillar. Already the last kick of this moment has become a conversation for many people, especially for fans of EL Real.

This latest news about Ramos and Rubio’s wedding preparations was reappointed. Where there is one that according to many people is strange and unique. It was stated that Ramos has three rules that must be obeyed by guests who will attend his wedding with the idol of the heart.

A little glimpse of the story of the journey of love Ramos and Rubio, recorded both of these couples have officially established romance since 2012 ago. Where in the story of the length up to now, both gossip overtook several times and eventually broke up.

Even a big storm can finally be skipped, and entered in the 2018 season, both of which showed a higher level of relationship. Ramos with high confidence dared to propose to Rubio and was finally engaged.

Until in time Ramos and Rubio were ready to get married. If there were no transverse obstacles, the wedding would be held on Saturday, June 15, 2019. The reception will also be held in the hometown of Ramos, Sevilla.

The invitation that was prepared also reached 500 with the invitation of world class players including eternal rival Ramos of Barcelona, Gerrad Pique. And the most interesting thing now is the news that guests will not be able to move around carelessly, because of the rules made by Ramos and Rubio.

Investigate, there are three fairly unique rules that must be followed by invited guests, not even big people, in the sense that this regulation applies to anyone. The party who leaked this rule was Marca, where the first was a ban on invitations to use cellphones during the event.

Second is that female guests must choose the appropriate color of the dress so they are welcome to enter. Where guests are prohibited from using clothes that smell red, orange, and green at the wedding. The most interesting thing is how invited guests are given passwords or special passwords, so that they can enter the church where they will undergo the blessing.

Not only passwords, it turns out the guests also have to show a Unicorn stamp tattoo at the entrance. According to several sources, this rule would like to emphasize to all parties that those who follow the rules are truly invited guests.

These rules are fairly reasonable, because the two happy couples are well-known public figures. Ramos is a world-class football star by serving as captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.

While the prospective wife is a celebrity figure with millions of followers, and has an original profession as a world-class top model.

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